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Discussion in 'PS2' started by pdf0791, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. pdf0791

    pdf0791 Guest

    What will I need to run the HDD exploit?

    -Fat Ps2


    -Network adapter

    and Hdloader which can be downloaded...right?
  2. pdf0791

    pdf0791 Guest

    Could the experts please clear this issue up once and for all? I've searched in the forums I am just so confused...

    My slim ps2 recently broke, so I wanted to use the HDD/MC exploit on a new ps2

    I purchased this yesterday thinkning it was a ps2 and a HD =(
    It is just a compatible Maxtor HD

    But its ok. I am going to purchase a used fat ps2 tonight and later this week a network adapter.

    The only thing I need now is the memory card exploit which I am totally confused about. Please help me

    P.s. I have swap magic discs, but NOTHING else. No slide card, etc. Long story lol.
  3. pdf0791

    pdf0791 Guest

    can anyone help?

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