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Read error with DVD Decreptor, what is a .BUP file ?

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by pastyboyz, May 13, 2004.

  1. pastyboyz

    pastyboyz Guest

    I have been getting a read error on .BUP files when backing up several of my DVDs. I have been aborting the read, and continuing on. Does anybody know what a .BUP file is to a DVD's structure ? Is this a DVD Decriptor error ?
  2. daba

    daba Guest

    Hi pastyboyz,

    A BUP file is a [bold]b[/bold]ack[bold]up[/bold] of the corresponding IFO file. They are supposed to have the same content.

    It's not an error specific to DVD Decrypter. Just a coincidence. Are your DVDs dirty or scratched ?

  3. pastyboyz

    pastyboyz Guest

    Thanks for the info. I can now guess that the BUP file was intended to provide the same info in case that the .IFO is damaged. Good design idea. I know that they spread the data in different sectors on a CD/DVD in case of damage and they have error correction as well, so a backup file does make sense.

    I have tried to clean them with a cloth and DVD cleaner. Is there any product you would recommend ?

    You know Backing my disks up, so I don't to worry about my DVD getting damaged is something I am a strong supporter of. I have two young sons and I can just imagine what slimy goo and physical damage they could do with a DVD. My plan is to buy a cheap player and give them a copy, while I store the original store bought disk in a safe place.

  4. zooco

    zooco Regular member

    Apr 11, 2004
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    You can use rubbing alcohol (i.e. isopropyl 50% or 70%), spray it on the DVD first then and use a soft tissue ( Kleenex) to wipe it off from the center to the edge of the disc. Each time, use a clean , virgin part of the tissue. Please avoid wiping the disc in circular motion.

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