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rebuilding games.....in a bit more detail

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by hursty, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Nov 22, 2004
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    [bold]WHAT YOU NEED[/bold]

    dvd decrypter
    iso buster
    nero (burning rom)
    good quality media

    [bold]step 1[/bold]

    make a new folder on the desktop,and use dvd decrypter to make an iso image.....MODE>ISO>READ,.....put the image in the folder,if you are comfortable in finding the image on the hardrive,then dont make a folder on desktop.....its just easier this way.

    [bold]step 2[/bold]

    make another folder on desktop,name it whatever the game is called.ie dead to rights 2

    [bold]step 3[/bold]

    open up iso buster and browse for the iso image you just made,
    open it.....you should see a long list of files on the right hand side(that is the breakdown of the iso image)....i.e lots of folders etc etc.

    now we need both iso buster open and the empty second folder open on the pc screen,...so you should have in front of you,iso buster with a list of folders and the empty second folder

    [bold]step 4[/bold]

    now from the list of folders in iso buster,drag and drop them one by one over to the new folder,in the same order they are listed,so start at the top and work your way down to the bottom,this may take some time,as iso buster will extract the files over.

    now this new folder contains the rebuilt game you have just made with iso buster,.....check the size!!!!...it should be much smaller than the one you started with

    [bold]step 5[/bold]

    now we have to burn it......
    open up nero,and select [bold]NERO BURNING ROM[/bold]
    you will see a window pop up with the title [bold]new compilation[/bold]...on the left hand side,there is a list of options,dvd rom,dvd copy etc.....we want the bottom one [bold]DVD-ROM(UDF/ISO)[/bold].click it..then click NEW,(top right)

    [bold]step 6[/bold]

    you will now see a new window with 4 columns,
    now find the folder which stores the game.i.e dead to rights 2,and open it up.
    you should see a list of folders again,like before

    [bold]step 7[/bold]

    in nero,the first column on the left,titled "new"..this is where we want to place the game folders
    so drag and drop them over,one by one,starting from the top working your way down...so now you will see a few folders in the first column,but also so a few in the second column,dont worry about that,its just the breakdown of the folders content

    [bold]step 8[/bold]

    now we have all the folders ready to burn...(the blue bar at the bottom should read as the same size as the second folder which contains the rebuilt game.i.e 1.5 GB,if it is in the red,it means you have not selected DVD in the opening page of nero)
    in nero there is an emblem with a dvd/matchstick figure,click it.
    it may give you the message,"error,you about to burn a multi session disc".blah blah.just burn it anyways.

    [bold]step 9[/bold]

    make sure the settings for your usual burning preferences are set.i.e speed,turn off internet etc.......and off you go,burn the sucker

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