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Reencoding with TMPGEnc PB

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by lebidou, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. lebidou

    lebidou Guest


    after reencoding "Sum of All fears" the film resulting has 2 black bands (left and right) about 5-10 pixels each. Any Idea what I have done wrong. I am using 16*9 display and 16*9 (525 lines NTSC) as target/source. it looks like the resulting film is not 720*480 anymore but something like 704*480. Any Idea ?
  2. forker

    forker Member

    Sep 18, 2002
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    I have only unsed TMPGEnc once before, but I believe this is because, as the default option, it cuts off a section of the frame b/c of noise (distortion) that occurs at the edges when it is re-encoded. Don't hold me to that, because I'm not too sure it was TMPG, might have been ReMPEG or something like that. Anyway, check all the options for such a thing as cutting off the edges. This may be the cause for the reduced picture size.
  3. pipster

    pipster Guest

    You know there are 2 settings in TmpgEnc somewhere , 1 for the incoming stream and 1 for the out going stream that allow you to choose 4:3 16:9 etc. Getting these wrong can cause the output to be letter boxed when it wasn't or tall and thin with large black bands either side etc . Check they are set right 1st but even when they are set correctly I've seen a film give the wrong output so sometimes its worth setting them wrong and watching the output in the viewing window . You'll soon know if the outputs not what you expected go back and change them , experiment till you get what you want , you've only got 4 combinations (both 4:3 both 16:9 or 1 of each both ways round) and one of them will be right
  4. lebidou

    lebidou Guest

    Thanks guys, I have solved the problem. I have changed the input from 16*9 (525 Lines NTSC) to 16*9 display and it looks exactly like the original. I managed to reencode the movie and I am very impressed, the quality is amazing.

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