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Regarding NeroVision Express

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Gory_Greg, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Gory_Greg

    Gory_Greg Guest

    Hi. I have avi files that i want to convert and burn to play on stand alone dvd players in mpeg2 form. I'm using NeroVision Express to convert the avi files but after sometimes HOURS and HOURs of waiting I get a message like 'unable to prepare data for recording. the file may be corrupt' or 'internal error 255' which is HIGHLY frustrating. How can I fix this problem or repair the avi file?

    Plus is there a better program than Nerovsion Express for doing what I have described? Thanks.


    EDIT: sorry- i meant to post this in the newbie forum!
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  2. herbsman

    herbsman Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 3, 2002
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