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[RELEASE] psEvolve CF-XE 3.40 OE-A

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Homebrew software' started by NGSpec, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. NGSpec

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    The Custom Firmware eXtraEnhancer - 3.40 OE Edition

    This is a Package for ANY 3.40 OE User to take the PSP to the NEXT LEVEL.


    SEQUEL to the Original psEvolve!

    The Installer will provide details to what goes where (PSP/PC) and is extremely straightforward.

    Heres an extraction from the Readme :


    AntiUpdate - Removes the Update Functionality of Games
    Power PRX v2 - Shutdown, Reboot and Standby your PSP
    To Shut-Down:
    Press HOME + Select (PSP powers off in 0.5 sec)
    To Reboot:
    Press HOME + Start (THE Power LED will be flash 4 or 5 times the a clean reboot)
    To Stand-By:
    Press HOME + Note (PSP goes to Standby (sllep(suspend)) mode after some time
    VSHPong - Play Pong. On your PSP. At any time.
    Game Play:
    Just push up and down on the analog to control you paddle and have fun!!!
    push start and right trigger to toggle between u playing and artifical Inteligence. And push start and Right trigger to turn on/off.
    SCEP - Add Essential Functionality to your PSP
    * Screenshot controls:
    o Dpad + L/R: get a area
    o Dpad : move the area
    * File Manager controls:
    o Select(Triangle)
    o Select All(Square)
    o change device(R)
    o change panel(LEFT/RIGHT)
    o Excute(Circle)
    o Operation menu(L)
    * Stopwatch controls:
    o Start/Pause (circle)
    o mark down (R)
    o reset(L)



    * Full themes (32):
    o Circa Dome -innercy+
    o Duranium Vista
    o Orbital -evolve
    o Tiberium Sun
    o Gears Of War
    o Blue PSP Suite- RaiderX
    o Red Vista
    o Ultimate Black
    o Mac
    o Blue Vista
    o Gold Standard
    o 300 Theme
    o Final Fantasy 7
    o Light Blue Lines
    o Black & White -PSPculture
    o Buuf -PSPculture
    o Buuf 2 -PSPculture
    o Duranium R1 -PSPculture
    o Duranium R3 Blue -PSPculture
    o Shiny again -PSPculture
    o WiiToo
    o Ultimate Naruto Theme
    o Maze- PSProdigy
    o Ultimate White- evolve
    o nOil Theme
    o PS3 Theme- Reever
    o Blood Red Theme- Desi Soulja
    o Red Mini Line- Desi Soulja
    o Car Theme- Desi Soulja
    o Brownish Theme- Desi Soulja
    o Green Mini Line- Desi Soulja
    o Grey White Theme- Desi Soulja
    o Gargoyle- SchmilK
    * Custom icons (50):
    o 3D Cartoon
    o Black Aruziah
    o Black Rhizura -evolve
    o Blocki
    o Blue Flies
    o Bubbles
    o Calabi Sphere
    o CMS
    o Ecqlipse
    o FF7
    o Glass Square -evolve
    o Grunge
    o Icy Blue
    o iPhone
    o Light Blue Lines
    o Metal
    o Milky Sweet -evolve
    o Mini Lines
    o Noir Black
    o Orbital Black -evolve
    o Orbital Blue -evolve
    o Orbital Red -evolve
    o Orbital White -evolve
    o Orbs
    o Pirates
    o Pirates White
    o PS3
    o Red Flies
    o Silk Glow
    o Silk Glow Green
    o Simplest
    o Simplest White
    o Smooth
    o Spraypainted Stroke
    o Spraypainted
    o White Glossy Original
    o Nic 101's custom icons
    o Tiberium Sun- Dark Angel I WOULD NOT RECOMEND USING THE FILES (only use the backround,vol bar,icon,batt bar,) THEY WERE FROM 3.03OE-C
    o Blue Vista
    o Gold Standard
    o SmoothSensation- http://forums.qj.net/member.php?u=59963 (converted by GMDude)
    o Black Glossy (original +)- GMDude
    o Simplest White- innercy (conveted by GMDude)
    o Red Vista Orbs- SaiZn
    o Ultimate Black -evolve
    o Glass Icons- evolve
    o Orbital- evolve
    o Duranium R2 Nemesis- PSPculture
    * Volume Bars:
    o Blue
    o Gold
    o Green
    o Red
    o Light Blue
    o Red Wave
    o Red Bar
    * Fonts (138)

    Also, a copy of the 3.40 OE-A Flash0 for Backup is in there too.

    Thats what the Scene is all about... Thanks to ALL the Authors of ALL of the this awesome stuff!

    I (LastPerson) will maintain this project better than the previous release because the previous release was painfully messy and extremely difficult to maintain.

    Ask any questions you like here, or the psEvolveII forum at ChiiCast here - http://chiicast.co.nr/




    NGSpec (LastPerson)

    Major Thanks goes out to Nacos17 for Beta Testing, the awesome Graphics and Support :D

    And of course all the makers of this great stuff - without you guys we would of had to put up with the ordinary....... lame lolz... XD

    Oh, and not forgetting everyone who helped with the original psEvolve helping in the main release thread and spreading the word - there would of been no psEvolveII otherwise.
    Oh, and the people who helped the people do this thing :p
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