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Replicant Premiere Software?

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by Rob5000, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Rob5000

    Rob5000 Member

    Jan 2, 2003
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    Just saw an ad for Replicant software. What's ther deal with this? I'm not really into burning yet, but if this does what it says it does, the copies should be able to be played on my PS2 right? Is this the best for my money?
  2. donovan

    donovan Guest

    I purchased replicant over the holidays
    for 39.99 .
    It is supposed to make copies of dvd movies
    onto cd-r
    the video works fine but the audio keeps breaking up i've tried to contact tech support several times by email but no response
    also they charge you 39.99 to upload from the net pretty slick uh?
    i would suggest you try some other software from a company that allows you to talk to a person for tech support.
  3. Otherone

    Otherone Guest

    Yea, Replicant is bad. Don't get the one called HeroVideoConvert either. I did. The 1/4 working partial demo worked fine but the parts that were not working in the demo, did not work in the full version. There was no language option and the mpegs were all in spanish. Could not get rid of the subtitles either. Even tho the 'no subtitles' box was checked, they were there anyway, diectors comments actually. Failed on three different computers. My requests for support went unanswered, yet I see this crap software advertised in DVD digest and other places. My request for refund was ignored. I sent notices to all the places I saw it advertised, but those also were ignored. They all show a box on the website, but yet they don't have anything that comes is a box. Forget about support. They already got your money. This seems to be the way most of the copycat outfits work now. I only know of one that is a good deal because they are honest about what you get and it has all the best freeware (as advertised)and tutorial included and the best price too. I can't tell you here , I'd be spamming I think. I have researched all of them and I know which ones are rips. You would be surprised which ones are rips. I know of a free one that is a lot better than that dvd copy pro 4.0, another failure with outdated freeware and a shabby tutorial.
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