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Restart button ejects??

Discussion in 'PS2' started by benv, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. benv

    benv Guest

    I am using a V5/6 PS2 with a no solder modchip. I am trying to get a DVD-r backup to work using the swap methods. Nothing is working yet.
    One method that is supposed to work is one that uses the GS2 (which I have).
    Per the instructions, you are supposed to boot the GS2 by using the reset button to turn on and keep the button held down. When the GS asks to change disks I'm told to release the button and the CD tray will open. Now I've done this several times, but when I release the button nothing happens. I'm pushing the button as hard as I can witout breaking it. Has ANYONE been able to get a DVD-r game to boot using a no solder mod chip and a GS2? I just ordered a Magic 3.1, so I'm not gonna bother ordering a Swap Magic. Please, please help if you know how.
  2. benv

    benv Guest

    So no new update yet I see. Just checking.

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