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Restoring a PSP Slim

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by toekeyoh, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. toekeyoh

    toekeyoh Member

    Dec 16, 2007
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    I'm in desperate need of some assistance. I converted my PSP Slim to 3.71 M33 using Pandora's Battery. It was working perfectly.

    Recently though I decided (for complicated reasons) to restore the original 3.71 firmware, and tried doing so with the Pandora's Battery, and while it seemed to show no errors, it didn't work. When I try to turn on the PSP, I see the Sony logo, a red XMB background (with the time and date), but then it freezes. If I leave it on for more than ten seconds or so, I hear a clicking noise and the PSP turns itself off.

    Here's the sucky part. I tried reinstalling the custom M33 firmware after this (using the same Pandora's Battery), and I'm getting the same exact red XMB freezing screen issue.

    Does anyone know if/how I can fix this?

    If it is not possible, I have another semi-related question: the PSP is still under the 30-day return policy limit (or I could still buy the replacement plan), how do you think I could return or exchange the PSP and get my money back, despite it being totally messed up?
  2. Yawnzzz

    Yawnzzz Guest

    That is weird because after I read your post,I tried it out myself and it worked smoothly,I was even able to update to 3.73 OFW.Now UI am restoring back to 3.71 M33.

    Maybe your memorystick had some problem after the first few flashing?

    I am sorry I couldn't help you but I would suggest you borrow a set from your friend to try.

    Edit:It's finished flashing and now I am back on M33,all's fine.
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