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Rima 12 disc DVD-R sample pack

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by bratcher, Mar 11, 2005.

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    Mar 24, 2004
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    Testing all the discs with Plextools on my Plextor 716-A DVD drive. Here are my results of the write speed tests. What do you think? If anyone has tested this sample pack I'd love to hear your results.

    Ritek Ridata G05 8x. Starts at 6x, goes to 8x then at about 750mb there is a quick dip to 3.8x then a good 8x line after that. Tested both discs with the exact same results. At 4x there was a very good 4x line so I'll burn them at that speed.

    Ritek Ridats G04 4x. First disc good 4x line till about 4.3gb then a dip down to 2x then finish at 4x. 2nd disc has the 2x dip around 2.8gb then good 4x after that.

    Princo white hub printable 4x. First disc good 4x line with some small speed dips. 2nd disc perfect 4x line.

    Taiyo Yuden TYG02 8x. Interesting the recorders speed can go above the rated speed. The other brands (so far) won't do that. First disc 16x speed test starts at 6.74x then goes up to 14x with 5 speed dips down to 4x then good 8x after that. 12x test starts at 6.08x then goes to 12x with 4 dips down to 4x then finishes at 8x. The 8x speed test (the rated speed) starts at 6,08 then goes to 8x. One dip to 4x before the first gig then good 8x after that. 2nd disc (only tested at 8x) starts at 6x then goes to 8x with the same dip to 4x before the first gig. Brief spike to 11x then good 8x after that

    Prodisc F01 8x rated & tested at 8x.. First disc. 4x dip before the 1st gig then good 8x line with a spike to 8.5 (at 3gb) after that. 2nd disc almost the same results.

    Optodisc OptodiscR008 4x rated. First disc 8x test. A dip to 4x then a spike to 11x after which good 8x with small upward spikes every now & then. Another manufacturer that be burned faster than rated speed. 4x test. Perfect 4x line. 2nd disc the same results.

    Seems the worst media is Ritek (as expected) with all the others pretty good. I guess I'll buy either the TY or the Prodisc since both can do 8x as rated.

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