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RipIt4Me Update Version (1 February 2007)

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by dialysis1, Jan 31, 2007.

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    Version (1 February 2007)

    Made an important change to the analysis code. It runs a bit slower, but we're hoping that it will do a better job with complicated DVDs. The analysis is more thorough and will in some instances (eg games) take a while longer, so for these DVDs, please be patient. There will be little impact for regular DVDs.
    Added code to check whether DVD Decrypter imported the PSL file or not. This occurs right after the key strokes are sent to import the PSL, at the start of the rip, then again at the end of the rip by inspecting the log. An error is issued if the log indicates that the PSL file was not imported. This has been a major source of bug reports in the past so we hope this will now be a thing of the past.
    Added debug info in Step 1 during the detection of the drive and identification of the disc. If your disc/drive isn't identified during Step 1, ***DON'T*** try to click Next, just Cancel. Find your debug log (in %APPDATA%/RipIt4Me) and post that on the forum! Thanks!
    Fixed a problem that could cause an infinite loop during the "Updating INFO" stage in Step 1.
    Fixed a small bug introduced with the improved scanning of BOVs. For bad DVDs such as Shottas, the app could crash because it relied on the bogus VTS_VOBU_ADMAP.
    Improved the PSL importing code to better behave under Windows VISTA. Because of the window animation under VISTA, windows and open dialogs open much slower than under XP. The new code waits for windows to be ready before sending keystrokes.
    The display is updated to show the IFOs being read during Step 1, which is useful when there's quite a bunch of them.
    The code now checks whether the disc is really a DVD. If not, "Disc Not DVD" is reported during Step 1. This is not implemented for ASPI (Win 9x/Me) yet.
    Fixed "Autralia" in the English strings.

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