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Ripped DVD freezes using DVDdecrypter

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by gatogordo, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. gatogordo

    gatogordo Guest

    I have ripped a Jackass and Pocahontas DVDs using DVDdecrypter 3.1.4. Both were under 4.3 GB DVDs. I used DVDdecrypter ISO Read and Write to rip and burn my DVD-r discs (tried it on Princo -rw 1x and Leaddata -r 2x discs) via my Cendyne A05 DVD burner. I use my stand alone Apex 660 to playback the ripped DVDs.

    My problem is that the ripped DVDs freeze about 2/3rds into either movie. I guess it could be a host of things DVDdecrypter, media, Apex player, burn speed, etc. I wonder if anyone has experienced this problem using DVDdecrypter? I have successfully burned a DVD on the Princo -rw using Pinnacle Instant Copy, so that's why I am thinking it might be DVDdecrypter.


  2. Davem

    Davem Member

    Apr 29, 2003
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    i have done the same its not the process its your dvd players
    when you write the disc you write on the die
    some dvd players find them hard to read and so get hot

    i had the same problem with lord of the rings if you take it out and let it cool down they work fine again

    solution is to buy better discs they can be read easier
  3. gatogordo

    gatogordo Guest

    DaveM (or others),
    Is it the disc that gets hot or the DVD player? What kind of dvd media have you been successful with?
  4. Sefy

    Sefy Guest

    Do you have an ASPI Layer installed ? and if so, which version ? anything above 4.60 Build 1021 is known to cause problems.
  5. gatogordo

    gatogordo Guest

    Where would I find the ASPI Layer? I did a search and there were some *ASPI*.dll files but, I couldn't locate any version build information about them. I have something called WINASPI (microstaff)in my program files and control panel add/remove. I don't see any version build on it.

    I take that back. If I right click and click properties on the *ASPI* files I get the versions. All are 2.0 or 1.0.

    Is this what you mean?
  6. Sefy

    Sefy Guest

    Technicly yes, that's the ASPI, but if it's v1.0 or 2.0, it's old and incompatible, and could be a reason for your slow transfers.

    Go here: http://web2.iadfw.net/jlundy/notes.htm
    and download Compel WinASPI v4.60 Build 1021 only!

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