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Ripping a DVD Video???

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by schadha, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. schadha

    schadha Member

    Sep 21, 2004
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    OK here's the story...

    I live in the UK & I recently I bought a Thomson PDP2860U from Dixons.co.uk. It is a personal media player that can play MP3s & MPEG4 Movies (for more in formation on it & full specification please see www.thomson-lyra.com).

    The problem is I would like to rip some of my DVD Movies to the PDP2860U's 20GB hard disk, but I have a question. How much space will the movie take up & how do I start removing the CSS protection & ripping. I have DVD Region + CSS Free & Smart Ripper both installed. All my movies are Region 2 & PAL Format.

    Any help is needed!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. colw

    colw Active member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    20GB hardisk space is not much - DVD's movies normally take up 4.5 to 9 Gb. DVD Shrink or DVD Decrpyter (free and available from this site) can circumvent protections and rip.
  3. tEChniiQue

    tEChniiQue Guest

    If you want your movies to be smaller you're gonna have to dump the programs you're using. My second piece of advice is to get a larger hard drive.

    A good hard drive size would be about a 120GB. Depending on how many movies you'd like to back up and keep. With the info I'm about to give you, you will be able to turn a 4-6 gigabyte movie into about 500 - 700 MB. At that ratio, you'd be able to store well over 170 movies on a 120 GB hard drive.

    Download DvD Decrypter & Auto GK (Gordian Knot)
    Like I said, either change your hard drive or add another and you're on your way. I could give you step by steps later once you get your programs installed. They are free and found within this site or download.com. If that doesn't help just search google for the program.

    Good Luck

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