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Ripping Alien Quadrilogy

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by phoen1x, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. phoen1x

    phoen1x Member

    Feb 1, 2004
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    I'm using DVD Magic to try to rip a movie off the Alien Quadrilogy onto my hard drive, and every time I try it gives me an Access Violation message. So...how do I beat this? Here is the log file associated with the message:

    Thands for any help!

    Log started on Wed Aug 25 18:53:32 2004
    C:program FilesDVDMagicDVDMagic.exe
    Microsoft Windows XP Personal 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1
    Intel Pentium 4
    > ASPI: Initializing...
    CASPI::CASPI(): GetASPI32SupportInfo() reported 2 SCSI adapters
    Adapter #0: NERO ASPI32 atapi
    [0:0:0] SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SN-324B
    Can read CD-R media
    Can read CD-RW media
    Can read fixed packet method 2 media
    Can read DVD-ROM media
    Can read DVD-R media
    Can write CD-R media
    Can write CD-RW media
    Can simulate writing
    Buffer size: 2048 KB
    Adapter #1: NERO ASPI32 atapi
    > ASPI: 2 adapter(s)
    > ASPI: Checking drive D...
    CASPI::GetDriveInfoNT(D): [0:0:0] (0, 0, 0, 0)
    > ASPI: Initialization successful
    CASPI::GetDriveInfoNT(D): [0:0:0] (0, 0, 0, 0)
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    Disk is copy protected, region mask = FE
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    Key1: FD 14 D4 74 2A
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    Ch Key: A7 0F ED B7 7C 6E 58 E3 DB C8
    Key2: 2A 04 5D 4B F7
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    Disk Key: A1 7E 36 9F E0
    CDVD::QueueCommand(): [0:0:0] 0x02 -> 0x01
    Authentication successful
    > [D:] Initializing title...

    *** Exception: Access Violation at 0x00445cdc ***

    --- Registers ---
    EAX = fffffffc
    EBX = 00000000
    ECX = 01470000
    EDX = 00000037
    EBP = 00000042
    CS:EIP = 001b:00445cdc
    SS:ESP = 0023:0012f530
    DS:ESI = 0023:00000042
    ES:EDI = 0023:006fb7aa
    FS = 003b
    GS = 0000
    Eflags = 00010202

    --- FP/MMX Registers ---
    ST0 = 2.080000e+002
    ST1 = 0.000000e+000
    ST2 = -1.#IND00e+000
    ST3 = -1.#IND00e+000
    ST4 = -1.#IND00e+000
    ST5 = -1.#IND00e+000
    ST6 = 0.000000e+000
    ST7 = -9.754516e-002
    MM0 = 00ece9d800ece9d8
    MM1 = 00ece9d800ece9d8
    MM2 = 00ece9d800ece9d8
    MM3 = 00ece9d800ece9d8
    MM4 = e227ed24e21f5738
    MM5 = c7c5c1e34d2f7283
    MM6 = d000000000000000
    MM7 = 0000000000000000

    --- Disassembly ---
    00445c40: push 8b0070b7
    00445c45: or eax, 0070b768
    00445c4a: mov esi, [0070b7ac]
    00445c50: mov edi, 006fb768
    00445c55: mov eax, ecx
    00445c57: shr ecx, 02
    00445c5a: rep movsd
    00445c5c: and eax, 03
    00445c5f: mov ecx, eax
    00445c61: rep movsb
    00445c63: mov dword ptr [0070b7ac], 006fb768
    00445c6d: pop edi
    00445c6e: pop esi
    00445c6f: mov eax, 00000001
    00445c74: pop ebx
    00445c75: pop ecx
    00445c76: ret
    00445c77: nop
    00445c78: nop
    00445c79: nop
    00445c7a: nop
    00445c7b: nop
    00445c7c: nop
    00445c7d: nop
    00445c7e: nop
    00445c7f: nop
    00445c80: sub esp, 1c
    00445c83: mov eax, [0070b7ac]
    00445c88: mov ecx, [0070b7a8]
    00445c8e: push ebx
    00445c8f: xor ebx, ebx
    00445c91: push ebp
    00445c92: push esi
    00445c93: lea edx, [eax+ecx-04]
    00445c97: push edi
    00445c98: mov [esp+14], eax
    00445c9c: mov [006fb760], ebx
    00445ca2: mov [006fb75c], ebx
    00445ca8: mov [0070b7a0], ebx
    00445cae: mov [0070b7b0], ebx
    00445cb4: mov [006fb750], ebx
    00445cba: mov [006fb740], ebx
    00445cc0: mov [0070b7ac], edx
    00445cc6: call 00441640
    00445ccb: fild dword ptr [008914c4]
    00445cd1: mov eax, [0070b7ac]
    00445cd6: mov [006fb754], bl
    00445cdc: movzx ecx, byte ptr [eax] <---
    00445cdf: fmul qword ptr [00477a18]
    00445ce5: inc eax
    00445ce6: mov [0070b7ac], eax
    00445ceb: mov [006fb754], bl
    00445cf1: movzx edx, byte ptr [eax]
    00445cf4: shl ecx, 08
    00445cf7: or ecx, edx
    00445cf9: mov esi, [0070b7a0]
    00445cff: mov edi, [006fb750]
    00445d05: mov [esp+1c], ecx
    00445d09: mov [esp+20], ebx
    00445d0d: faddp st(1), st
    00445d0f: inc eax
    00445d10: fild qword ptr [esp+1c]
    00445d14: mov [0070b7ac], eax
    00445d19: mov [006fb754], bl
    00445d1f: inc eax
    00445d20: fmul qword ptr [004982c8]
    00445d26: fadd st, st(1)
    00445d28: fstp qword ptr [008f3768]
    00445d2e: movzx ecx, byte ptr [eax-01]
    00445d32: mov [0070b7ac], eax
    00445d37: mov [006fb754], bl
    00445d3d: movzx edx, byte ptr [eax]
  2. CJC

    CJC Regular member

    Aug 23, 2004
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    Ive never used DVD Magic before, so i wouldnt know where to start.

    My advise would be to download DVD Shrink, which is a free program, or DVD Decrypter, Also free, to try and rip your Movie.

    I ripped the full Alien Quadrilogy set, with DVD Shrink, and all worked fine.


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