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ripping DVD to DVD

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by scarlett, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. scarlett

    scarlett Guest

    I see lots of people asking how to rip DVD to VCD, I would like to rip DVD to DVD+r. I am using DVD decryptor to create the vob files on my hdd but am not exactly sure what to do next.

    HELP !!!
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  2. kingram

    kingram Guest

    I have had great success with the programs in simple dvd. here is the instructions:


    Now where do we begin? Oh yes I have to say this bit.......This guide is meant to be an informative step by step process on how to make DVD-R backups of DVD's that you already own (to be more accurate backups of movies that are too big to fit on a standard DVD-R). It is not for making pirated copies of your favorite movie you don't feel like paying for.
    OK first of all the reason I spent time on this page is because I am sick and tired of being asked how to do it, as the majority of the tutorials online, although very good, are confusing. Most sites don't seem to realize that not everyone has a good basic knowledge of their machines or the programmers they are using, yet would still love to be able to backup their own DVD's, or at least be shown how to in a correct step by step fashion in order for them to LEARN something !
    Well i've sat down and drawn up a method which I believe to be not only the fastest, but easiest way to backup a movie that will not fit on a standard sized 4.7 GB DVDR. Oops have I baffled you already? OK for those that know what i'm talking about skip this bit.... For those that don't there are 2 types of DVD movie format - DVD5 and DVD9. DVD5 is a single layer disc that can be copied very easily complete with everything else that's on the disc. Unfortunately that format is not really used any more, the majority are the DVD9 format which is a dual layer disc and is much larger in size than a 4.7GB DVD-R. What this guide intends to do is teach you how to first rip the main movie files from a DVD9 format movie, then screw around with them so they'll fit on a standard 4.7GB DVD-R (actually its 4.3GB but I wont go into the aspects of the bullshit marketing). Are you with me so far ? If yes great - if no do not bother wasting your time with the rest of this tutorial :)
    This is a list of the software that is used in this tutorial:
    · DVD Decrypter v3.1.2.0
    · DVD2AVI v1.76
    · TMPGEnc Plus v2.56.39.143
    · ChapterXtractor v0.961
    · Spruce DVDMaestro v2.9.2915a
    · Gear Pro DVD 6.02 rc07
    Operating System: Windows NT/2000/XP with NTFS (don't try to do DVD-R with Windows 9X)

    DVD-R Blank Discs: I recommend either using NEO DVDR or Purple Top Bulk Paq. They are both fantastic discs and very cheap. You can buy from www.playstationmods.com/cdr.htm, prices are from as little as £0.50
    PC Hardware: Well its obvious you need a fast system, and if you are messing with DVD-R you probably already have one. We used Athlon 1800+, 512 SDRAM, 120 GB 7200rp, IDE drive. Not spectacular but does the job nicely. Of course the higher spec you have the quicker you finish the job. Before I forget we use the Pioneer A04 DVD-R Burner with the new v1.31 Firmware.
    First of all you need to find out if your movie is DVD5 or DVD9. To tell which size go into My computer and right click on your DVD drive and click properties. It should tell you how big the disk is. As long as its under 4.7 Gigs then it should be a DVD-5, and will allow you to use the simpler DVD-5 Method which we will not go into here as its too easy - just use DVD Decypter to create a complete image of the disc. If it's bigger than 4.7GB then we're in business and you are 6 easy steps away from successfully producing a high quality backup with complete chapter selection.
    There are 6 easy parts to this tutorial. You may have seen other methods that look simpler - well to be honest we don't find them as good - or much slower with the same results. The quality sometimes isn't that good, encoding can HOURS and the format isn't 100% compatible with all DVD players (including Playstation 2 which many have great difficulty in getting to work correctly).
    Part I: DVD Decrypter (Ripping The DVD to Hard Drive)
    Part II:DVD2AVI (Ripping The Audio Track)
    Part III: TMPGenc (Re-Encoding The Movie To a Smaller Size)
    Part IV: Chapter Xtractor (Ripping The Chapter Selection Information)
    Part V: Spruce DVD Maestro (Compiling The DVD Project)
    Part VI: Gear Pro DVD (Burn To DVD-R)

    you can email me at kingram@kalikops.com if you need help or info on the programs. :)

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