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Ritek DVD Discs - Rough Edges?

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by CSimms, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. CSimms

    CSimms Guest

    I recently bought a 25-spindle of Ridata 4X DVD-R Ritek G04 and a 25-spindle of Ridata 4X DVD+RW RICOH JPN W11-01 from Amazon.com and I noticed that both spindles were the ugliest looking spindle of discs I have ever seen. The edges of the discs are very bumpy. Polished... but nevertheless bumpy. When the discs are stacked up in a spindle of 25, you can really see imperfections in the edges of the discs. Individually, you can feel (harder to see) the bumpiness on the edges. I checked out other brand DVD-Rs and CD-Rs and I can feel ever-so-slight imperfections on the edges of these discs. However, not to the degree of the new Ridatas I recently bought. Has anyone else noticed this on their Riteks? Are these discs defective? So far, they burn well and they are working for me. But, I've only burned a few from each pack. At first, I was afraid that the imperfections in the edges would cause excessive disc wobble in the DVD burner/players. Again, they do seem to work okay. Just a shocking observation. Any thoughts?
  2. pieman

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    Jul 13, 2003
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    I noticed that when i started buying discs.I also thought that they were faulty/crap but I was told that it was only excess dye....which it isnt.It is infact the bonding of the two transparant layers of the disc.I find it scruffy and a sign of shyte manufacture...even the so called best quality discs ie traxdata have this but they burn fine.In fact, the only disc ive found that are smooth that ive used are verbatim (good disc) and datawrite grey fuji dye (crap disc).Dont worry, if they burn fine theres nothing to worry about.What is to worry about in the construction is layer seperation around the spindle.This is poor, and any seperation of the layers will cause the dye to degrade.Happy burning!!
  3. CSimms

    CSimms Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I feel much better about my discs.

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