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ritek g03 or g04

Discussion in 'PS2' started by lojack, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. lojack

    lojack Member

    Feb 1, 2004
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    hi all

    was wondering which one was better for backups? i can get the g04 a little cheaper. also, where do you buy your media.

  2. gamemaka

    gamemaka Guest

    I have been using the G03's for as long as I can remember and have not had a single problem. No experience with the G04's but I think the only difference is the speed not quality.
  3. Cyprien

    Cyprien Active member

    Nov 2, 2003
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    g03 = speed of 1x and with some firm hacks to the dvd drive you can burn at 2x on it and it will still play normally...

    g04 = speed of 1x 2x 4x multi speed dvdr nothing here to say it's the same as g03 but burns on 4x...
  4. Benefic

    Benefic Guest

    GO3(about a hour) = Fantastic I have never had a bad backup using these disks(about 300). It does take a very long time to backup but time is expendable disks are not. Excellent price buy in bulk.

    GO4(20-25 minutes) = Not so great in my case. I originally bought 100 of these when I first started backing up my games/DVD's. I thought if my DVD burner could do 4x why not use it. I had to drop the speed down to 1x and even then it still had some problems. I can't tell you how many were bad I'd say around 20 or so. But when it does work the speed difference is very quick.

    I will stick with the G03's for a long time.
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