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Ritek +/-R Media Compatibility

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by DogBomb, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. DogBomb

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    Jun 18, 2003
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    Because of all the problems being reported with Riteks, I did a little research. From Supermedistore's website, they list these drives as being compatible with Ritek 8X and 4X. From experience, I know drives are picky about the media, so if your drive isn't listed under the Ritek media you used, the problem may be with the firmware revision rather than the Ritek media.

    Compatibility for Ritek Ridata DVD+R 8X

    DVD Burners Firmware Recording Speed

    BenQ DW-822A B3IC 1X - 8X
    BenQ DW-830A B4AB 1X - 8X
    BenQ DW-1600A B5F9 1X - 8X
    Cyber DX082D 14SB 1X - 8X
    LG GSA-4081B A104 1X - 8X
    LG GSA-4082B A206 1X - 8X
    LG GSA-4120B A101 1X - 8X
    Lite-On LDW-812S US0N 1X - 8X
    Lite-On LDW-832S VS08 1X - 8X
    Lite-On SHOW-1213S TS08 1X - 8X
    NEC ND-2500A 1.07 1X - 8X
    NEC ND-2510A 2.15 1X - 8X
    Nutech DDW-082 B375 1X - 8X
    OptoRite DD-0405 160E 1X - 8X
    OptoRite DD-1203 110E 1X - 8X
    Pioneer DVR-A07 LXA 1.18 1X - 8X
    Plextor PX-708A 1.07 1X - 8X
    Plextor PX-712A 1.03 1X - 8X
    Sony DRU-530A/530UL 2.1b 1X - 8X
    Sony DRU-540A 1.0a 1X - 4X
    Sony DRU-700A VY05 1X - 8X
    TDK AID+840G 1.07 1X - 8X
    TDK AID+880N 1.34 1X - 4X

    Compatibility Chart for Ritek 8X DVD-R

    DVD Burner Model Speed Firmware
    LG GSA-4081B 1X - 4X A104
    LG GSA-4082B 1X - 8X A106
    LG GSA-4120B 1X - 4X A101
    NEC ND-2500A 1X - 4X 1.07
    NEC ND-2510A 1X - 4X 2.15
    Opto Rite DD-0401 1X - 8X 160E
    Opto Rite DD-0405 1X - 8X 160E
    Opto Rite DD-1203 1X - 8X 110E
    Panasonic LF-M621 1X - 4X F100
    Panasonic SW-9583 1X - 4X B100
    Pioneer DVR-A06 1X - 4X 1.08
    Pioneer DVR-A07 LXA 1X - 8X 1.18
    Pioneer DVR-A08/108 1X-12X
    Plextor PX-708A 1X - 4X 1.07
    Plextor PX-712A 1X - 8X 1.03
    SONY DUR-530A 1X - 8X 2.1b
    SONY DUR-540A 1X - 8X 1.0a
    SONY DUR-700A 1X - 8X VY05
    TDK AID+440N 1X - 4X 1.0c
    TDK AID+840G 1X - 4X 1.07
    TDK AID+880N 1X - 4X 1.34

    Compatibility for Ritek Ridata DVD+R 4X

    Burner Model Firmware Version 4X DVD+R

    ASUS DRW-0402P 1.3
    DRW-0402D 1.05 4X
    BTC DRW-1004IM 0047 4X
    LG GSA-4020B A109
    GSA-4040B A301 4X
    GSA-4081B A100 4X
    LITEON LDW-400D 1.2d 4X
    LDW-411S FS0G 4X
    LDW-811S HS0J 4X
    NEC ND-1300A 1.0A 4X
    ND-2500A 1.06 4X
    OPTORITE DD-0401 100E 4X
    PANASONIC LF-D311 A127
    LF-D521 A111
    LF-M621 F100
    PIONEER DVR-A03 2.00
    DVR-A04/104 1.41
    DVR-A05/105 1.33
    DVR-A06/106 1.07 4X
    DVR-A07/107 1.01 4X
    PLEXTOR PX-708A 1.04 4X
    SANYO CRD-BPDV2 2.30 4X
    SONY DRU-500A 2.0g 4X
    DRU-510A 1.0d 4X
    DRU-530A 2.0a 4X
    TDK AID+440N 1.0A 4X
    AID+840N 1.03 4X
    TEAC DV-W50E 1.30
    DV-W50D 1.06 4X
    TOSHIBA SD-R5002 1033
    SD-R5112 1031

  2. Higgsbsun

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    Jun 30, 2004
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    There's more to it than that, there are three revisions of the Ridata R03 DVD+R. If you have an NEC2510 it will only burn the 001 revision at 4x, you need the 003 to get 8x, not sure about the 002.

    Don't get me wrong, they're still very good media, it's just a little galling to see 8x printed on the disk and not having that option with your 8x burner.

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