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ritek ridata

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by Winning11, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Winning11

    Winning11 Guest

    I bought some riteks from http://www.meritline.com/ritek-ridata-g04-4x-dvd-r-blank-media-disc-matte-1.html
    and i never used ritek before, because memorex worked fine for me. I thought i'll just try it out since many people were recommending it. i burned 3 games and 1 movie with those riteks, but i have to press the reset button about 20 times untill one of them boot. When it tries to read the game i hear like clicks from the ps2 and it freezes at the browser screen, when i don't hear the clicks the game works. I burned with decrypter. alcohol 120 and nero at 2x and no luck. Any suggestions? Can it be that the riteks are bad?? I checked the manufacture ID and it said ritek g04.
  2. nelswick

    nelswick Regular member

    Jul 24, 2004
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    just stick with what works best. for me and most people riteks work best but it all depends what your ps2 likes.

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