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Discussion in 'PS2' started by oglsmm, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. oglsmm

    oglsmm Member

    Apr 18, 2003
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    Hey just installed a Magic 3.1 from modchip.ca on my PS2 V7.

    Originals of everything still play (PSX and PS2) but no backups do. I am using the clip for it. I have double and triple verified that they are all working using a dmm. I got rid of the L clip and soldered the wires right to the points. Any ideas on what might the problem be? SHould I try soldering right to the bios chip and getting rid of the clip? What wires do what?


  2. colt45joe

    colt45joe Guest

    1. the magic 3.1 squirts the SCEx code through the SCEx wire - used for booting PS1 games (the S point)

    2. the magic 3.1 monitors whether you've pressed RESET once or twice through RESET (the RST point)

    3. It sends data to the disk controller through B through I clocked by A

    4. It patches the BIOS and manages the PS1 ***** rate scenario through M-V clocked by R

    5. It acts on the disk type(CD/DVD) supplied by W

    you should check these wires:

    W and A and R

    just look at every single point, no matter how sure you are. i had the same problem as you, and i made the tiniest mistake. now it works PERFECT
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