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Run iso and other stuff from the hardrive to the psp on psp 3.30oe

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by daz2007, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. daz2007

    daz2007 Regular member

    Apr 13, 2007
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    Is it possible to run an iso from the pc hard drive to the pc without it being on the memory stick
  2. CKhaleel

    CKhaleel Regular member

    Feb 26, 2007
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    1.) Download the file: (If the download links are down, then post a reply)
    HERE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0j2iv8
    HERE: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=56XRJPLP
    2.) Extract it using "WinRAR". (Search on "Google" if you don't have this)
    3.) Open the folder you extracted from "WinRAR". (usbmount)
    4.) Copy the folder "seplugins" to the ROOT Folder of your PSP MEMORY STICK. (E.G. X) - (X as in the drive letter of your PSP) - (Just allow it to overwrite, it will only add extra files and folders)
    5.) Disconnect USB and Restart in "Recovery Mode". (Hold R during PSP Startup)
    6.) Select "Configuration" -> Then Disable "Use NO-UMD" (Disable as in when it says (currently: Disabled)
    7.) Select "Back" -> Then "Plugins" -> Then first of all Disable any plugins that you already have enabled. (Just ignore what I said if you've never used plugins before)
    8.) Then enable the plugins in the following order:
    usbhostfs.prx [GAME]
    usbmount_game.prx [GAME]
    usbhostfs.prx [VSH]
    usbmount_vsh.prx [VSH]
    (Enable as in when it says "(Enabled)") Select "Back" and "Exit".
    9.) Scroll left till you get to "Settings" in XMB -> Then Scroll down and Select "System Settings" -> Scroll down to "UMD Auto-Start" and choose "Off".
    10.) Now download "PSPHost 2.0" HERE: http://pspupdates.qj.net/PSPHost-2-0/pg/49/aid/73834
    11.) Install then Open it up.
    12.) Right-click on "PSPHost" Icon in "TaskBar" -> and select "Settings".
    13.) In the Sub-title "Directory to share over USB" Browse to the folder where you have your ISOS/ CSOS in the ISO folder. (Like say if my ISOS/ CSOS are in C:/PSP/PSP Stuff/ISO/ I would choose C:/PSP/PSP Stuff and not including the last ISO folder.)
    14.) In the next "Program Options" Sub-title Check the box of "Enable USB at Program Start" now select OK.
    15.) Now plug-in your USB Cable -> Then put in your UMD and wait till it autoplays.
    16.) Now click the "Select" button on your PSP and navigate to "Connect to USB Host PC:" Select it by pressing "X" and make sure "Connect (Manual)" Is highlighted in blue. Press "X" on it even if it's already highlighted already.
    17.) Then navigate to "UMD via USB at Game Start:" Select it by pressing "X" and Make sure "Use" is highlighted in Blue. Press "X" on it even if it's already highlighted.
    18.) Now Press "X" on "Select UMD/ISO File:" and you should see all the games you got in your ISO folder.
    19.) Choose the game you want to play.
    20.) Now choose "Close Menu"
    21.) And by now your game should be loaded.
    22.) Select it and it should start straight away. (If it bounces back to the XMB menu with an error just press on your game again and this time it should load.)
    23.) That's it. Enjoy!
    24.) To stop playing the game (Follow this as I say or it will crash) Press "Home" on your PSP during the game and select "Yes" wait till it boots back to XMB then take the UMD out then pull the USB out and then quit the program "PSPHost" (Simple, ehh?)
    25.) To switch to another game just press "Select" then choose "Select UMD/ISO File:" and choose a new file, then you just simply close the window.
    26.) Play! (Same again: if it bounces back to the XMB menu with an error just press on your game again and this time it should load.)
    27.) To play normal UMD Discs, boot your PSP into "Recovery Mode" (Hold R while PSP Startup) and select "Plugins" -> and disable every plugins here, select "Back", go into "Configuration" under "Use NO-UMD" Enable it (Enable as in when it says (currently: Enabled)-> and "Exit"
    28.) Now put in your UMDS and play!!!
    29.) To play via USB again just Enable all the plugins and enable "Use NO-UMD".
    Note 1:

    This is the most efficient way of playing games and switching games. (Trust me)
    Note 2:

    Your game names in your ISO folder must not have spaces in them (For example Ape Academy 2 must be changed to Ape_Academy_2)
    Note 3:

    After you've installed this you might encounter a problem when connecting you PSP to your computer. Say if you plugged in your PSP to your computer and chose "USB Connection" the PSP will not show up in "My Computer". You will have to go back to XMB again then click on "USB Connection" again. Then it will work.
    Note 4:

    If you don't like the button arrangements in the program menu on your PSP (I mean the program that pops-up when you press "Select") Do the following:
    1.) Go back to the "seplugins" folder on your PSP through USB -> Double-click it -> and then Double-click on "USBMOUNT.INI" (The one with the picture of a notepad and an engine cog.) And edit it like this; where it says:


    Change it to:


    Or the other way round if you prefer it the other way.
    Note 5:

    If you are having problems with the guide have a look here:

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  3. peyote_hi

    peyote_hi Member

    Apr 16, 2007
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    OK, first of all. Thanks for the post. I have fighting with this for days now. It worked perfectly. But make sure to follow instructions to the "T". I am using 3.30 OE A . Thanks again

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