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Saints Row weird 'bug'

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by Dela, Apr 26, 2007.

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    Aug 25, 2002
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    Before I explain this, let me just say that the only reason im asking other ppl to check it out is for my own curiosity and I like to see games do things they aren't supposed to do :)

    This is probably published already somewhere but I noticed something weird with saints row. If you go to the theater to replay missions, and load up that one 3rd Street Saints mission where you have to hijack the political candidate's bus and park it on train track (cant remember the name now and I'm too lazy to power on 360 to find out ;-) ), it loads with you outside the church and you get the phone call with the instuctions to park the bus on the train track.

    Well after I started the mission I decided I didn't want to bother playing it, so the quickest way out I thought would simply be to get the RPG out and shoot the ground right in front of me (actually have to do it twice if ur energy is full). I did this while that guy was still talking on the phone. Then of course I got the option to reply but I pressed B instead. When I went back to the theater and went outside I noticed there was no sound at all.

    There is sound on the menus when you press start button but no sound from the streets in the game or anything. I soon after also realized that when I got killed, all that happened is the camera zoomed out and thats it, you are just lying there dead on the ground with people walking around you and cars driving over you if you are on the road. You can even use your Cell phone to call an ambulance (altho, unfortunately you can't get the paramedic to revive you).

    So I was wondering, I noticed when causing mayhem that ambulances show up and revive civilians and police, so I was wondering if I repeated the step and then went to cause some trouble, waited for an ambulance and then let the cops shoot me to death, since the game doesnt automatically load up.... the camera literally just zooms out and everybody just continues... would it be possible that a paramedic would revive me along with everybody else injured (or dead as they should be after taking those grenades to the face lol)?

    Why? Really there is no reason other than I'd love to know if you can "come back from the dead" like that. I'm sure there would be a shitty camera angle to put up with and there would probably be a lot of buggyness in the game, but still... it's not what the game is supposed to do so its worth a try ;-) Any thoughts?

    Oh and sorry if this is an already noted bug and this question has been answered already :)

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