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Settings for Star Wars EP1 in IFOEdit

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by manc_jnr, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. manc_jnr

    manc_jnr Guest


    Has anybody here been able to backup Star Wars EP1 (R2)?
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  2. goldo

    goldo Guest

    I just tryied to backup my EP1 as well last week-end and I must say I am getting lost with this one...

    I am not a full newbie because before that I backuped lord os the rings form DVD9 to 2 DVD5 with absolutely no issue, but I do not know why, with SW EP1:

    - on my 1st try it played the 1st trailer but did not succeed to go to the 2nd one which was on title 14

    -on my 2nd try it simply refused the DVD when trying to open it with DVD Play of IFOEdit warning me that illegal navigation command was encountered from scratch.

    - 3rd try : tonight ? I'll keep you posted...

  3. manc_jnr

    manc_jnr Guest


    At last someone else who is having the same problems as me.

    This DVD has LLVu (MultiAngles), this is what we are struggling on, I have heard that earlier versions of IFOEdit handle these better, I am going to AGAIN split this DVD tonight so I shall also keep you updated on my findings, we can compare settings etc if you want.

  4. goldo

    goldo Guest

    Ok I did it again and it's almost there :

    I smartrip everything to my HD : so far so good
    Then I use 'split to 2 DVD-Rs' in IFOEdit choosing VTS01 where the movie seems to be. So far so good.

    Then I copy all the necessary files VIDEO_TS,VTS_01_0.VOB, + all the VTS_02 because some of the early title sets belong to it. I correct the number of chapters in VIDEO_TS.IFO, get VTS sectors. And that's it. So far should be good...

    BUT : the disc2 is doing it perfectly, whereas disc1 says 'illegal navigation command was encountered'

    According to me it comes from the fact that when I split the chapters of VTS_01, at the end of it rthere is something else than just the movie, namely :

    PGC_2 to PGC_10, that refer to specific chapters 1,2, and 3. For me they are here because depending on the language you select the scrolling text, which is video, at the very beginning of the movie supposed to explain the context the movie is starting in, is in english, or french or whatever.

    On the first disc with the first chapter you do not have this according to the split and for me it maybe a potential source of issue...

    Maybe I am completely wrong, but that's how I 'feel' it.

    What I did : I reinput my VTS_01 of my dvd1 folder, I use IFO edit and I let him regenerate the .IFO files for me :

    result : it plays 'flat' the movie chapter after chapter, from scratch, without menu.

    So my dvd2 is good with menu etc, my dvd1 plays the movie from scratch, without menu, with 2 times the introduction scrolling text, once in english and once in french... But that's life...

    Anyone a better idea please ??
  5. realboy

    realboy Guest

    goldo, how do you make VIDEO_TS.IFO for both vts_01_n.vob and vts_02_n.vob? ifoedit only gives me one VIDEO_TS for each.

    You said you edited the .ifo, can you show me how to do it? or u know of any web site that show how to edit .ifo manually?

  6. goldo

    goldo Guest

    OK... Here it is...

    In you first split dvd folder named dvd1 and where the 'split dvd' method produced a dvd that does not work because it is the first pat of the movie and apparently there is a multi-angle stuff that bothers it with the introduction trailer :

    - remove VIDEO_TS.IFO,.BUP.
    - open VTS_01.IFO in IFOEdit
    - Go to the VOB Extras menu - I guess it is this one..
    - Tick the generate IFO option

    Let's go and that's it : it regenearates both VIDEO_TS.IFO,.BUP, and VTS_01.IFO,.BUP, such as all the chapters of the VTS_01_X.VOB are played sequentially once you put the DVD in the player, thus the first half of the movie including the small bug I talk about in my previous message that makes it play both angles for the introduction trailer, i.e in english first, then in french...

    I think based on this you can even remove all the VTS_02 files from the folder because they are not needed anymore...

    I do not have the original menu on disc1. But As I have it on disc2, I can put all the extras on this disc and thus preserve them...

    Again if someone has better idea it is welcomed.
  7. manc_jnr

    manc_jnr Guest


    I think I have cracked it, I did it the following way, I am going to confirm this tonight so this is not guaranted: -

    1.RIP entire DVD to hard disk (DVDDecrypt3.1.2.0)

    2.Load IFOEdit v0.92, choose options to split DVD, choose the option to remove Angles, you want to keep "angle 1" because this is the english multiangle, let IFOEdit do it's thing.

    3.Once the split has finished you should have a new set of vobs and a new VTS_0*_1.IFO & BUP, you will notice that there is no VIDEO_TS (all the time I have split a DVD I have never got a the VIDEO_TS.IFO & BUP to appear, what I do now is move the VTS_0*.1.IFO & BUP into a temporary location.

    4.Load IFOEdit and press create IFO's, choose the first vob, once this process has finished you should have a new set of VTS & VIDEO_TS files, replace the new VTS IFO & BUP with the ones you moved.

    I hope the above makes sense it was typed in a little bit of a rush, shall edit again if it does not make sense.

    Good Luck.

    PS: If anybody wants a 1 to 1 conversation about this MSN me on mancubas_jnr@hotmail.com
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  8. manc_jnr

    manc_jnr Guest


    Just as a update, my most recent post is wrong, it did'nt work, could FWD PAUSE etc, really am going MAD here, anybody else got any advise?

    1 confused bunnie.
  9. Vinster

    Vinster Guest

  10. goldo

    goldo Guest


    I followed your instructions and now for me it works pretty well except the usual menu issue which I solved with deleting PGCs that looked strange and putting a JumpTO menu of VOB1 instead.

    Now everything is OK so I am pretty surprised yours does not work...

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