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sharing movies

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by _Maverick, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. _Maverick

    _Maverick Guest

    hey guys..
    does anyone know of a site/server, or file sharing program other then kazaa, morpheus,(and all other programs that use the same network)

    i am currently using kazaa, but the transfer is fairly slow. any suggestions please???
  2. garbo990

    garbo990 Guest

    hey.. so far KaZaa has been the best for any sorta transfer. i have been using Kzaa for dog years(hee hee exagerration) and downloads have been pretty smooth. gaaah! not much of a help am i? what'syour connection anyway?
  3. _Maverick

    _Maverick Guest

    hehehehe no not much help hehehehe thanks anyway :))
    im on cable, my transfers arent that bad, max i have ever reached is 800k but in kazaa i have only got 120k once, and the rest is below 10 for some reason, im not too sure about...
  4. Nancy

    Nancy Guest

    Um..you could use WinMx or Grokster. They're as competent. I use KaZaa though. I find it absolutely awesome for warez and movies of course ;-)
  5. _Maverick

    _Maverick Guest

    thanks nancy :))
    one last small question. how fast is "awsome" like really awsome or normal awsome hehehehehe i mean 100k or 10k

    sorry for being a pain guys and girls..

    thx in advance :))

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