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Shrink & dual layer burning

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by Shado36, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Shado36

    Shado36 Guest

    I have a Hp DVD640 burner & I am using dvd decrypter & shrink. My questions are how do I change my settings so it will burn using a dual layer disc as I do not see anywhere to be able to change to that setting. Is it "true" to say that a disc that requires say 60% compression will take longer to "process" as it has to compress it if its being written to a single layer so conversly a dual layer would "process" faster? If not then what is the compression doing?
    Hope it makes sense, thanks Shado36.
  2. johnl123

    johnl123 Regular member

    Nov 3, 2005
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    If you're going to burn to dual layer media, it's best not to use shrink at all (shrink is better for a DVD-9 to DVD-5 process). I suggest you use DVDFab decrypter to rip the video files with, have it create an ISO image file, you can then manually burn the image file to disk using either DVD decrypter or imgburn using their ISO write mode.



    Any process that requires compression will indeed take longer to complete, but just because one burns to dual layer and no compression is needed, doesn't make that process quicker. Ripping the entire disks contents takes a bit longer and so does the burning process (it's a larger file), there are other factors to take into account as well, so it's hard to say. Speed here isn't what's really important, video quality is, compression will reduce quality, whereas doing a full movie backup (no compression) and burning to dual layer will preserve it.
  3. Shado36

    Shado36 Guest

    Thanks for the info, athough one of the things that I like about what I am using is that I just use the one click mode, its not complicated for me!
  4. Hummerspp

    Hummerspp Guest

    Hey Shado36, I may be new to this forum, but not to this Art!

    I agree pretty much with what "johnl123" wrote! Compression (any type) will kill quality. In what you are doing you'll have a loss of quality. I don't go below a compression of 80 percent of original. Some say 70 percent. Since 4.7GB DVD are cheaper, I go for "Movie Only", remove additional features (french sound, sub-title and audio3-2). Generally that will fit.

    However, because "dvd decrypter" and "Shrink" are having problems with newer protection schemes and PSL's, you'll find you'll need other tools like "RipIt4Me" (try Major Geeks - but be careful, Sony filled a lawsuit and closed them down, and rumors are they are monitoring).

    Shrink, although supports dual-layer, I've found it doesn't work to well, burning a little, and hang or burning 1/2 a disc and hang.

    To do, it as an example (movie Deja Vu has new protection and PSL's), I tried "Shrink", CRC's problems, Tried "DVD Deccrypter" by itself, again no go. Tried "DVDFabHDDecrypter" and got a rip. But during playback it went into "Director's Comments" during the movie, so I would classify that as bad.

    Then I went with "RipIt4Me" (which needs "DVD Drcrypter" and "Shrink" to work right), I got a clean rip and save to the hard drive (I never you go with a direct burn). Then I use a burning software like Nero, Sonic or Roxio and others to burn the "HD" filles to my dual-layer" drive. I also used "UltraISO" to create the ISO image (as I split the image into 4.7GB disc [part 2 go to "multisesion discs either 8.5 GB's or 4.7GB] as they are cheaper) and store that as a backup copy. This process works well for me.

    If you have any question, let me know. Remember, quality is what you want!! I saved a copy of "Pirates R" movie, which is about 6.3 GB and removing all the extra features, leaving about 5.5 GB to burn. This put it a below 80% and all though the movie plays, there are aa couple of very brief pauses that do happen. Early in my process of doing this, I burnt several at 50% to 60% and had playback issues. So I learned a better way with the dual-layer. At this moment, I would reccomemd the use of "AnyDVD" as posted on this site and other forums like this, as I've heard rumors that it has "rootkits" in it (which can be sypware). I also know that this software runs in the background and my software(anti-virus) has caught it trying to connect to the internet (background) other sites then it's home. I've have removed it. I've also heard that it causes problems with other software(not confirmed this).

    Also, if you have "DLA" (a form of packet writing software for the UDF file format [a way to using DVD's as a windows drive to store data that can be used only on computers]) enabled, this can cause problems with "Shrink", Nero and sonic when trying to burn to dual-layer discs. Disable it before using "shrink" and "DVD Decrypter".

    Sorry to be so long winded here, but I want to give you my experince and a round-about solution to what you were attempting.
  5. XMP2K5

    XMP2K5 Member

    Jan 7, 2005
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    DVD Shrink has a setting for 8.5gb discs.

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