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Shrink317 Question

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by eagleone, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. eagleone

    eagleone Guest

    I suppose this post is me just checking if Im on the right track as Im still new to all this. When trying to copy a copy Shrink encounters error:Failed to read File:"F:" Overlapped I/O operation in progress. Using DVD Decrypter and Nero same I/O error.This happens about 85% into the process and only on discs that have been compressed already. Researching through the forum quite extensively and continue to do so which i must say has been very helpful, I put it down to cheap media. Ritek or verbatim is the go with there AZO Metal Dye Application which gives superior burning and playback compatibility. Im using DVD Shrink 317 and just curious whats showing is correct under the Preferences options. File IO - enable overlapped IO is blanked out. Read 32 KB Blocks (default is 64 KB) is unchecked. Check rpc2 drive region code when opening a dvd is checked and for burn settings - always erase non-empty rw media without prompting is blanked out.Also from what ive read it won't hurt setting the disc size a little below what shrink is set to from 4463 to say 4400 so it doesn't burn to close to the edge,just a little more compression.Would've like to get a few RitekGO4's to try but living in South Australia-Australia and nobody to buy from except Ritek interstate with a minimum buy of 100 at $1.30 + tax + freight + $25 charge for under $500 order = $1.78 per disk which is good but I didnt want to buy that many straight off. Managed to find Verbatim DVD-R 4 speed with the MetalAZO round the corner where i live a little pricey but for now if it does the trick then Ritek should do the same.Thanks for listening and all views would be appreciated.
  2. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    Very nice researching, eagleone!

    Unless I missed something, it seems you have your settings correct and you are right on target with setting Shrink's target file size lower. I've been through quite a few Riteks without a single problem attributable to the disc.

    There's a good chance your read errors are because of low quality media - a common cause.

    I'm in the States, but I believe there's a thread or two floating around our "Media" forum about getting Riteks in Australia where you might be able to find a place that will allow you to buy in a quantity less than 100.
  3. eagleone

    eagleone Guest

    Thanks for your reply Nephilim. Used the verbatim discs the other day and success. No freezing,skipping when playing back on my panasonic -rv40 standalone DVD player.It played from start to finish without a hiccup and also received no errors when i tried to back it up again but without burning it.Again thanks.
  4. michigan

    michigan Guest

    Ritek and Verbatim are the way to go the cheap media gets pretty costly, unless you are running short of coasters in the house.
  5. Kiddo15

    Kiddo15 Guest

    I'm having the same problem as you eagleone, same settings and all, but the error happens when it is writing to the hard drive, not the DVD+R, it's driving me nuts, I have a Pioneer 107D it's about 3 weeks old, I get about 35-70% through the process when it errors, any suggestions??
  6. eagleone

    eagleone Guest

    im not sure kiddo15 im still learning myself ive never had any errors backing up the original to hard drive as video ts folders my errors were happening when backing up a copy which was due to cheap media if your creating iso image try the video ts way sorry couldnt help more if u havent solved the problem post your sos again and im sure someone will come to the rescue

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