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slim pstwo fix for does oo did the tapemod and screw that up like me!!

Discussion in 'PS2' started by yudda111, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    [bold]youl need soldering gun and a small flat screw driver and electric solder youl af to take off the top plastic of the internal switch by puting the screw driver in the internal switch then pull out the plastic after that youl af that youl see a tiny peace of metal i meen really tiny in the switch remove that tiny peace from the switch when thats done put a drop of soldering inside so that you have a connection,youl just af to tape the front switch and it will work.i did this and it has bein 3 months and never had a problem of corse you can go right to that mod and forget the tape mod.[/bold]

    [pstwo fix1]http://www.theurl.com/picture.jpg[/img]
    [pstwo fix2]http://www.theurl.com/picture.jpg[/img]
  2. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    [pstwo fix]http://www.theurl.com/picture.jpg[/pstwo fix]
    [pstwo fix2]http://www.theurl.com/picture.jpg[/pstwo fix2]
  3. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    guys i cant figure how to put the pics on can someone help!!
  4. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    pstwo fix
  5. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    pstwo fix
    http://www.theurl.com/picture.jpg[pstwo fix/img]
    [i]pstwo fix2[/i]
    [img]http://www.theurl.com/picture.jpg[pstwo fix2/img]
  6. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    can someone help for how the hell you put some pictures on this forum plz.has you can see i tryed it but didnt work.
  7. A.Beast

    A.Beast Guest

    I think you have the url wrong, or the site that you are listing is just down, what is the full link to the image??
  8. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    i dont know,do i need a internet site or something
    i copy past this http(http://www.theurl.com/picture.jpg)and then i put the name of my pic between [/img]like i put like [pstwo fix/img] like this but it doesnt work i dont now how it works.
  9. A.Beast

    A.Beast Guest

    you are misunderstanding don't actually type:


    type the full web address of the picture you are trying to put up like:


    and put that address between the img tags. Do you know what I mean?? The picture must be hosted on a internet site somewhere, it won't just come from your drive.

    do it like this, say I wanted to put the google image, this is what I would do


    to get that image I typed (but remove the "*", I put those so the text would appear instead of the image again):


    I hope this gets you posting images, even though this info will be absolutely useless to me, I like to help any way I can.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 17, 2005
  10. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    thanks alot man!il try it to get it work but do you know what site that i can put the image?

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