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Slimtool v12 ?

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by Alusnova, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Alusnova

    Alusnova Member

    Mar 6, 2005
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    I just got my slimtool and toold B and C were easy to install, now Tool A I'm having problems installing ,I'm thinking this isn't going to work.

    So my question is , anyone how to remove tool B? (the one that blocks the disk break)


  2. A.Beast

    A.Beast Guest

    Uh, not sure what you want exactly, but for my tool A I had to secure it with a bit of tape. As for removing tool B, the one for the break, I found using my hands works, I haven't perfected my Jedi telekinetics yet :). Anyway, you should just have to push the break aside and take out the piece. If this isn't what you were looking for try and be a little clearer and I can probably help.
  3. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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  4. A.Beast

    A.Beast Guest

    With the ghost switch, not only are you opening up your ps2, but also cutting pieces of it off. I'd much prefer to keep my ps2 in one piece and just use the slimtool that you already have. I don't see much sense in spending more money so that you can take apart your ps2 and risk damaging it.

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