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Slow Burning issue, draws 100% CPU

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by ChrisKD, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. ChrisKD

    ChrisKD Guest

    It's an unusual problem that only plagues my Laptop, It didnt used to do this.

    I've got a Compaq V5xxx Laptop, 2.0GHZ AMD Turion 64, 1GB DDR Ram, 80GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive, Phillips DVD-DL/R+/- Burner (DVDRAM SDVD8821H), Windows XP Media Center Edition. (anywhere from 25% to 50% free hard disc space)

    I figured it was spyware or viruses at first, so i scanned the drive (once a week), Defragged and cleaned the drive too

    I burned a few games & audio discs with it, some movies too (TYG03's & Maxell CD-R's) Same discs i use when burning with my desktop, same batch too, using the same programs as my desktop too (Dvd Decrypter & Nero).

    The desktop (the laptop used to burn around the same rate too) takes about 10-17 (IIRC, i haven't used the desktop for a while) Minutes to burn a full 4 GB (8x) using the same disks. The desktop is only a 1.8GHZ AMD Compaq (Xp Media Center) with 256MB Ram, and a Lite-On DVD-DL/R+/- Burner & a Lite-On DVD-Rom/CD-R/W Burner. (i updated the firmware on the DVD Burner last year IIRC)

    Nero & DVD Decrypter both burn fine during the Lead-In, Used Read Buffer & Buffer around 94-99% until it starts burning. then it plumets to 0-10% on Used Rear & 0-4% on Buffer. burns right around 840bps to 1.0X. Draws 100% CPU power, and takes about 50 Minutes to 80 Minutes to burn 2.5GB. Afterward the discs are plagued with errors and Coasters, same with the CD-Rs.

    I've scanned and cleaned the drive so many times with diffrent stuff (Norton,AVG,Spybot,Adaware) that i dont think a tick fart would get by, I only burned a few discs before this started (it used to burn great) I don't run dirty discs in it, they're all kept in Cases & Spindles.

    Is it possible that i need to update the firmware or the drivers? maybe there's something embedded in the computer that i cant find yet? I'd like to fix the problem, i hate hooking up the USB Hard Drive just to transfer an image over to the Desktop for burning.
  2. attar

    attar Senior member

    Jun 17, 2005
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    Run Nero Info Tool, click 'Configuration' tab and check to see if DMA is turned on for the burner.
  3. ChrisKD

    ChrisKD Guest

    DMA is Off, should i turn it on? and where do i find the on toggle option?
  4. MichaelP1

    MichaelP1 Guest

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