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SLOW ripping, fast burning... Why?

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by tonybcsu, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. tonybcsu

    tonybcsu Guest

    Hey Everyone -

    I am seriously stumped. Ripping discs takes forever (over an hour at about 2 MB/S) but I can burn about twice as fast as that.

    I have the following two DVD drives:
    1) New NEC 3500
    2) Older Generic DVD-ROM from Circuit City (according to the box, should rip up to 16MB/S)

    Using various DVD Rippers (DVD Shrink and DVDDecrypter)the fastest that I can rip from either of these two drives is right at 2MB/S (2000 KB/S) - however burining back to the NEC Drive, I get about 5 MB's (5000 KB/S) during the burn which is about right for the discs I am using (4x).

    What could be causing this? I was thinking the IDE cables since they are not the newest ones in the world, but since it’s able to burn discs faster I think that kind of rules out the IDE cables.

    A couple other system specs:
    P4 - 2.5 GHZ
    512MB Crucial Ram
    Maxtor 40GB hard drive
    WD 80GB hard drive

    Any thoughts????
  2. sly_61019

    sly_61019 Senior member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    a lot of readers are locked at 2x when ripping encrypted dvds. Try searching for some hacked firmware.
  3. tonybcsu

    tonybcsu Guest

    I managed to resolve this issue... though I am not 100% sure how. Here is what I did.

    1) Rebuilt my machine from a clean format - it was time anyway
    2) Downloaded the latest drivers for EVERYTHING including the motherboard
    3) Updated my firmware for the BIOS/DVD Drives

    Now everything is fine, ripping at 10-15X

    Thanks everyone!

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