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Discussion in 'PS2' started by TheOnly, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. TheOnly

    TheOnly Guest

    I've been reading up all over the forums about the emulator/roms from different consoles being able to be played on the PS2. Can anyone tell me how it works and what materials I need?

    I currently have:
    A version 7 PS2
    Swap Magic 3.3/Flip Top
    PS2 HDD

    I'm thinking I probably need HDLoader to do it, but not positive.

    Also, since I am making a post already, is there a way to somehow re-direct the PS2 game saves and send it straight to the HDD instead of your memory card? Or, is that for certain game saves only (i.e. ESPN MLB 2K5).
  2. romero

    romero Regular member

    Mar 29, 2003
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    YOu don't have to do anything else than burn emulator files and ROMS to CD, but they might have compatibility problems with Swap Magic: Look some other threads about the same thing.

    SNES station doesn't support ROM loading from HD so burning is the only option to use it.
  3. PimpDawg

    PimpDawg Guest

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