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SNES Station help

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Delmorte, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Delmorte

    Delmorte Guest

    I just DL'd SNES Station of off U Torrent and I copied with Nero express onto a DVD+R and when I swap it out and press x ( using swap magic ) it tells me its a invalid PS2 disc.

    I copied the folders as it said starting with the roms then the rest in the exact order but for the 2 times I gave it a go it wont work.

    Any hint toward what I may be doing wrong?
  2. Delmorte

    Delmorte Guest

    OK I got Nero Ver. 8 now and I gave it another go.

    I did it exactly as this link said except I used a DVD+R and ver 8( should work ) and it would only let me do it at x4 speed.

    Then I did it as followed but acknowledging that I used a dvd+r:

    Custom SNES Station by RVJ - This is the CD-R version! 2cd (PS2)

    What do you need?
    *Nero burning rom software
    *2 Blank CD-Roms to write on
    *Playstation 2 with mod-chip or swap magic 3.6! [swap magic recommended]


    Open the Nero burning ROM software and setup the setting like this-->

    *Multisession-No multiession

    ISO data type
    *File name length:Max of 31 chars(ISO level 2)
    *Formant:Mode 2/XA for CD and for DVD is Mode 1
    *Character set: ISO9660 (standing ISO Cd-rom)

    *Make the burning-speed at least 24x / 32x [ and 2x / 4x for DVD ]

    When your done click New!

    Ok it time to drag the files you need [ see directory cd1 and cd2 ] You should list it like below-->
    *Roms (the folder you made to place the roms in)


    Once you place them just burn it and use the swap magic cd ver., if you burn it on a dvd use swap magic dvd ver. or a modchip to boot

    but it only let me put the files in order as it wanted.
    It is giving me a : Unspecified error, .....E:
    HL-DT-ST DVDRW GWA-4166b.

    What is going wrong! Please if someone could simplify I would appreciate it allot.

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  3. smsdaddy

    smsdaddy Member

    Mar 10, 2007
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    get cdgenps2 load files save as iso or rename .bin to .iso

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