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so if I understand...

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ::ness::, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. ::ness::

    ::ness:: Guest

    when I make a ps2 backup, it will have no videos and such? like a final fantasy game without the FMVs? if this is right, then I guess it's because the video files take to much space to fit on a 80min CDR. but how to the original game cds have enough space to include the movies? and can these cds be bought?
  2. Cybermad

    Cybermad Guest

    Yes you are correct about movie files size to big for cdr.The originals manage to do it because most are dvd or oversized cd.
    You dont necesarily have to loose all movies on all games it depends on size of the discs information ie,(will it fit onto 700mb cd).There is also the option to downsample the quality of the FMV Hence if small enough can keep them :).
    And finally there is the option to remove some of the audio from the original and replace them with 0 byte dummies whereby possibly making image small enough to fit on 700mb cdr with movies Just depends on the game as all are different :).
    Hope this helps clarify it for you.
  3. ::ness::

    ::ness:: Guest

    ok and I just thought of something...

    If I don't have a DVD-R drive on my PC, that means I can't copy most of the ps2 games out there right? any good site selling those drives for cheap?

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