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some info plz

Discussion in 'PS2' started by cHiBaNgEl, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. cHiBaNgEl

    cHiBaNgEl Guest

    hey all. im a newb at this backup stuff.

    here's my situation: im thinking of trading in my old ps2 (ver 4) and gameboy SP for the new version of the PS2 coming out that supports DVD+/-R and DVD-R. does this mean that i will be able to play dvd backup games w/o a modchip on the newest PS2?

    if not, ill just keep my PS2 and mod it.

    anyone who knows, plz help me out.

    all i want to do is play backup dvd games but dont know what i should do
  2. G-4CE

    G-4CE Regular member

    Dec 16, 2002
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    hi i went and got a +r writer before knowing about versions of ps2 and i only had a v4 with neo key. which didnt boot any dvd based backups what so ever. so i decided to get a messiah 2 then i borrowed some -r backups off a friend and they worked fine then i tried my backup and amazingly it worked so i didnt even have to change my ps2 or my writer but i was very lucky that my v4 read the +r disks. (awsner):all ps2's need a modchip no matter what if you want to play backups and from my opinion keep your v4 ps2 and get a messiah 2 cuz its still garanteed to play -r disks even if your not so lucky with the +r

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