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Sony DRU-500A Cheap Media "Princo"

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by burning, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. burning

    burning Guest

    I found cheap dvd-r media at http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_cata&cata=1 with free shipping. The brand is Princo/Leda brand with white glossy finish no labels. Prices are as follows:
    25 pack of dvd-r 24.99 price/disc .99
    50 pack of dvd-r 39.99 price/disc .79
    100 pack of dvd-r 69.99 price/disc .69

    The only question is will it work with the Sony drive. Anyone with any feedback on the compatiblity of this media would greatly be appreciated. Also if anyone knows where cheaper dvd-r media is available please post it!!!
  2. Doz

    Doz Member

    Dec 20, 2002
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    Here in the UK, Princo release some DVD-r's under the label of "Bulkpaq". the 1x purple labeled disks are very cheap (60p / disk) but out of a spindle of 25, ive had about 10 coasters..... doesnt make it so cheap per disk.

    I am using the Sony DRU500a with the 1.0f firmware upgrade

    on a better note, ive just tried the "Bulkpaq" 2x speed disks which are green labeled over here and they seem to be working much better, ive burnt 8 and havent had a coaster yet, they are slightly more expensive (25p) but they appear to be worth the extra.

    If anyone knows a cheap supplier in the UK for media i'd be interested...

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