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Sony DRU500A-ps2 dvdr booting

Discussion in 'PS2' started by jojo69, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. jojo69

    jojo69 Guest

    i got this burner and so far none of the dvd-r or dvd+r boot, the closeest it has started to boot to the ps2 start , then goes to the memory card menu. i have v6 ps2 moded with magic 3...all cdr's are ok...but no dvd'r has worked..what can i do to fix....i really dont want to mod it again
  2. Annihilon

    Annihilon Guest

    It might sound like a stupid question, but are you powering off the machine with the DVD in the tray then powering it back on to boot it? Some mods won't boot DVD's straight.
    How are you copying the discs and what software are you using?
  3. d_rugs420

    d_rugs420 Guest

    I have the same burner and I use it to burn ps2 games. I have never had a problem with it. I use the record now software that came with the burner. Click exact copy and use the burner for both reading and writing. It also depends on the media that you are using. I have had success with fujifilm and ritek. You can get ritek online for less than a dollar each.
  4. jojo69

    jojo69 Guest

    i put the game in of course after i power it up..close the tray and press reset once...how else is it suppose to boot??


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