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Sony HDD, HDLoader etc.

Discussion in 'PS2' started by brad1102, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. brad1102

    brad1102 Guest

    I just got a Sony Hdd (as a gift from the gf), and installed it, formatted it etc using HDLoader.

    Now I AM seeing a huge decrease in loading times, but... I read that the Sony HDD is only 3400 rpm, falling far behind standard 5200 rpm drives (not to mention 7200 and 10'000)

    Is the PS2's bus speed the bottleneck in the system, being the reason for Sony's 3400 rpm drive, or did they just decide to cheep out?

    Has anyone experimented with various drives and drive-speeds?

    Thanks for the feedback.
  2. brad1102

    brad1102 Guest

  3. foundmy

    foundmy Guest

    your official sony drive is a 2.5" LAPTOP HDD.
    typically those are 3400, 4200prm and even 5400rpm.

    unofficial drives are a 3.5" drive and they are 5400rpm and 7200rpm.

    I believe sony new about the heat that a drive can cause inside a ps2 on the carpet so they went with a slower rpm drive. less heat.
  4. brad1102

    brad1102 Guest

    Well thats cool. I'm wondering if with an 'unofficial drive' installed if there is room in the expansion bay for one of those super super small laptop fans? Then you could just fit it onto the board and not have to worry about drives heating up (and maybe someone could try a 10'000 rpm drive too)?

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