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Step by step of installing my Wiikey. Please review and help.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by NemarPott, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. NemarPott

    NemarPott Guest

    I just made my account to post here and see if I'm all set.

    I just recieved my Wiikey in the mail today. A local store has a Japanaese copy of Brawl for sell tomorrow. So I have my copy and wiikey basically.

    Make sure my Wii is up to date. I live in US and have Wii for my region. I bought my Wii 2 days after launch so its old.

    Now I'm going to instal it tonight. I already know how to do that. No biggie.

    Next I'm going to burn a DVD-R disc with 1.9g beta on it and put it in my Wii. I dont know whats supposed to happen at this point but Im sure I can figure it out.

    Next I burn a similar disc that has the config1.3 and GCOS on it and run that on my Wii and make sure my Region thing is set to ON.

    After that I use RawDump 2.0 to get the ISO off of my Brawl disc. Then once I have that copy I burn the ISO at x4 speed on a DVD-R disc and then run the WiiBrickBlocker program on that disc.

    Now I am aware that we are waiting for Wiikey dev's to make a patch to play SSBB and rip from DL disc.

    So after that is done and I have my burned copy of Brawl, do I just it in the Wii and play or do I put in some sort of start-up disc first?

    Please help. Im sorry cus I know questions like this are asked all day long :( but I just want to be sure I have all bases covered.

  2. NemarPott

    NemarPott Guest

    Can someone please just let me know if Im doing everything right? Please?
  3. NemarPott

    NemarPott Guest

    Im begging someone to take a look please. Just let me know that Ive taken all the correct steps and if not just steer me in the right way.
  4. Emjei2k

    Emjei2k Regular member

    Nov 11, 2007
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    Make sure your Wii is updated, before 1.9g
    Use DVD-R's , I like Sony DVD-R's.
    Have a GC Controller for Config Disk.
    Set Region Override on, it will save on console not on Disk, disk will always show off.
    Burning software, ImgBurn is real good.
    Thats pretty much the basic stuff.

    There is tons of info on here on Wiikey. Just do some research , all your questions will be answered. Just gotta read, read, and read.

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