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Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by theguy, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. theguy

    theguy Guest

    hey, im new, so yippeee!

    right, aside from the caffine talking, i'd like to say 'sup yall

    ok, down to business, please dont mind the energy...

    ok, so i ripped some anime the other day, Grave of the Fireflies if you must know, and so the audio and video streams are just peechy but i dont wanna have to install the DVobSub stuff and get a player that supports it because, face it, not everyone has all that stuff

    so... i know rendering the subs into the video stream is possible, though the timing may be a little "hokey," ive seen it in fansubs, etc who dont have some separate .sub, .txt, or .ifo file coupled with em

    i know the quality gets bad, but i dont give a damn, so if anyone knows of a program that renderes a subpicture stream in the form of a .sub, .srt, .txt (with times, etc) or whatever other format you can think of, that'd be really great, tata!
  2. theguy

    theguy Guest

    oh, by the way, i used divpro5 for the encoding, and smartripper on the dvd, so i have alla da files, like the sub, video, vobs, ifos, idxs, and all that happy stuff

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