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SVCD compiled to DVD-R in DVD LAB will not play..

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by tahaun, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. tahaun

    tahaun Member

    Nov 19, 2004
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    I was wondering if anyone encountered the same problem i have when using DVD LAB. I recently tried to put a SVCD to DVD-R and play it on a stand alone DVD player, but for some reason the movie did not play. I followed all the instructions on the tutorial list below:


    I have had sucess with VCD compiling and playing on my DVD player. I know my DVD player can play SVCD because when I burn SVCD on CDR, it will play. I need to find out why the SVCD is not working. After the SVCD compiles and I burn (nero 6 ultra)it to a DVD-R, I try to play it and all the menus and sound work but when I click to play the movie my screen turn black then I heard the music that was playing on the menu again. I doubled check and all my connections are linked and the audio is 48.0 khz. I can even preview the movie in DVD LAB. I tried compiling using the relax compliancy mode and once that was done, no files where found in the destination folder. The video and audio folder were there, but no other files (.vob, .bup, .ifo). Like I said, the only success I've had is with compiling and burning VCD to DVD-R. I am using the DVD LAB v1.3

    I'm getting fustrated and wasting alot of DVD-R, if anyone can help please let me know.



  2. ptwenty

    ptwenty Guest

    If you're having probs with DVD Lab, when you compile your dvd on hard disk, try playing it with a software DVD player first.

    That way you can test every function, link, audio track ,etc before burning a disc.

    If it all plays fine on the PC (from HD - not putting a disc in) but won't play when you burn it : then there are a few possible solutions ......

    1. Dvd player - not all standalones play all DVD-R discs. For things like PS2 or XBOX which seems to have weaker lasers, you really need quality blank discs.

    2. Media problem - perhaps the dvd discs you are using are not great quality - this would explain why the data plays fine from HD but not when read from a DVD-R. Try changing to Ritek discs.

    3. Your video-mode - PAL or NTSC.
    The source (SVCD) may have been 480 x 480 NTSC - I tried to use DVDLab to make NTSC SVCD source into PAL DVD. I experienced some of the same probs as you, screen going black with green stripes at the bottom.

    One way to get around that problem is to re-encode it to the desired video-mode before giving DVD Lab the m2v and mp2 files. The encoder i found best for this is Tmpgenc - it can take almost any source and change it to PAL/NTSC 4:3 or 16:9 prior to authoring.

    Keep an eye on your audio playing times too!!

    If your change of format (SVCD to DVD) involves a different frame rate (maybe 23.976fps or 30fps going to 25fps) then your video playing time may slightly deviate from your audio playing time.

    Hope you get some luck in fixing this problem mate!


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  3. raverkris

    raverkris Guest

    i followed the guide also. "putting mulitple svcd's on to dvds" i could see the video fine on my dvd player but the problem is the audio. the audio is all static when i play it on my dvd player. can somebody please please help me. thank you

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