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Swap Magic 3.0 DVD/CD Info

Discussion in 'PS2' started by DeadEyed, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. DeadEyed

    DeadEyed Guest

    Some info Saveware.com sent me.....

    Swap Magic 3.0 News:

    You need the Swap Magic 2.0 to use the Flip Top Cover, No-Solder-Mod
    Chip and Slide Card and when they finally come out with the Swap Magic
    3.0 it will fix the 650 limit so you can do ripping and also work with
    the new 5000X units. But although supposed to be out this month will not
    be for another 1 to 2 months. Count on 2 months or more as they keep
    pushing the release date. Although the 3.0 for the CD PAL is out, they
    don't have the 3.0 for the PAL DVD and they may come out soon with the
    USA CD. But most all games and the good ones are on the DVD. And then
    again, once they come out with both CD and DVD on one package, you will
    wind up having to buy it all over again anyways. Just get the 2.0 pack
    and wait until the FULL CD and DVD come out. It sounds like some
    marketing ploy to just release the CD 3.0 and not the DVD 3.0 and you wind up
    buying the DVD 2.0 that you already own. They don't sell it sparely. If
    they did then I could trust it is not a marketing ploy. You think?
    We are now stocking the 2.0 but purchasing in smaller quantity until
    they come out with the 3.0. Any pre-orders we take for the 3.0 will not
    be charged until we know for sure we can get the 3.0 with both CD 3.0
    and DVD 3.0 versions.

  2. DeadEyed

    DeadEyed Guest

    Some more features of SM 3.0 provided by saveware.com.......

    Here is some information on the new Swap Magic 3.

    New version features:
    Provide Multi-Language menu including: English, Chinese, Spanish,
    German, Italian, Korea.
    Swap Magic 3 can change the color system (NTSC, PAL) output of the PS2
    so that you can play all the NTSC and PAL games.
    TOC refresh mechanism which allows your PS2 to play large size game
    disks or games.
    Enables playing of import games on PS2 (Including support for the
    latest V9 boards).
    Plays all CD & DVD games. (PS2 Software only, not PS1)
    This item requires the use of a no-solder mod-chip.
    More user friendly and Powerful than Action Replay or GameShark 2.
    Works with ALL Models of PS2
    Will not Void your PS2 Warranty
    No Mod-Chip For Games to Detect
    No internal modifications or Mod-Chips required to boot you backup
    copies and imports
    No extra stress on the laser lens
    Absolutely No soldering required - plug and play!
    Play CDR & PS2 DVDR backups of PS2 games on your PS2 console
    For PS2 CD-R backups
    For PS2 DVD-R backups
    Games start with the single swap method

  3. Yoshiaki

    Yoshiaki Guest

    If the Swap Magic 3.0 requires a no-solder modchip, then why isnt ps2cover.com saying anything of that nature, and keep selling the 3.0 w/ no mentions of a no solder modchip? They just state requirement of a fliptop or a slide card.

    I hope the swap magic DVD comes out soon.

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