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Swap Magic 3.0

Discussion in 'PS2' started by nightgaze, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. nightgaze

    nightgaze Guest

    Where would one buy a copy of swap magic 3.0? I tried looking through these forums but I can't find anything...is ps2cover.com reliable...also on the website it sais: "Compatable with DVDRips (632mb+ CD-R backups) via TOC Refresh feature*" and then on the bottom it sais:"* TOC Disc required for use of this feature (optional)"...what does TOC mean?
  2. DeadEyed

    DeadEyed Guest

    3.0 isnt out in the United states yet.Or i should say the ntsc verion is available yet.But if your have a pal station it will work.Also the dvd isnt even out for the damn thing.Only the Cd version.Rip off to me i think.Id wait for the full 3.0 to come out if i was you.

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