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Swap Magic 3, best online-store price, please. . .

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by VJbob, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. VJbob

    VJbob Regular member

    Oct 6, 2004
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    Recently my Swap Magic 2 discs gave out and aren't loading anymore. I get the blue screen, and sometimes I get a blank screen to follow but thats it. time to buy 3.0. My trusted online store is consolesource.com but their selling 3.0 sets for $30+. Is there a better online site, that someone can recommend that has a price of maybe $20 or less. For $30 I should just go all the way and get a mod chip (of course then I would have to get it installed).

    Also, does 3.0 occassionally need the help of 'cd loader' to load games like Silent Hill 3?
  2. ShaneXH

    ShaneXH Guest

    Check out www.modchip.com they sell the V3.3 which work for all versions of the ps2 they sell the two boot discs together for 29.95 american or if you live in canada try www.modchip.ca.......just look around youll find what you want go to google or whatever search engine and type ps2 swap disc or modchip
  3. ShaneXH

    ShaneXH Guest

  4. ShaneXH

    ShaneXH Guest

  5. ShaneXH

    ShaneXH Guest

    But if you wanted...you can get a modchip for your ps2 even cheaper
  6. ShaneXH

    ShaneXH Guest

    But I dont think your gonna find much cheaper than that...possibly a dollar at the most Id say...just look around

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