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Swap Magic Confusion (on my part)

Discussion in 'PS2' started by jamie316, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. jamie316

    jamie316 Guest

    First off I would be very grateful if anyone could help me on this. :)

    OK I have: UK PS2, V4, with no chips of any kind (messiah, magic 3 e.t.c)

    A Swap magic DVD, Swap magic 3 cd and slide card.

    Can I:

    Play import (original & copies) games with this setup without a mod chip?

    The guides for Swap magic all say that when using the cd you wait for a screen to say "insert disc" but it says "run program"! After doing this it freezes, regardless of which disc I try. Does anyone have a real explanation as to how this works and not just another copy and paste job of the manual? Thanks again.
  2. wazup1023

    wazup1023 Member

    Feb 8, 2004
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    The swap magic dvd and slide card will let you play imports. It will only play original imports so it won't play copies of imports.

    This is the best explation I found I know its a copy and paste job but it should help you out.
    Step 1 - Start Swap Magic

    1. Simply turn on the PlayStation2, insert Swap Magic Bootdisc CD or DVD version, according to what type of backup you are about to play. Wait for the screen to say "Insert Disc".

    Step 2 - Slide Tray Open

    1 . Insert the Slide-Card UNDER the the tray on the LEFT side. (With the "arm" facing right). Leave a 2cm gap on the far left, and it should go in without any problems.

    2. Now "Slide" your card gently to the RIGHT keeping a firm grip. You will feel a little resistance, but keep sliding and the tray will come out a little automatically.

    3. Now it is ready to be pulled fully out.

    Step 3 - Swap Discs & Close

    1. Now remove the Swap Magic Boot Disc and insert your
    backup disc.

    2. Now push the tray all the way back in! Do this on the
    left side of the tray to make it slide easier.

    Step 4 - Slide Back

    1. Now it is time to make the final Slide! Insert the Slide-Card to the left as you did in Step 2.1.

    2. Now gently Slide the Slide-Card to the RIGHT again, but this time, when the tray comes out a little automatically then release the pressure on the Slide-Card and continue to Slide the Card to the right (it moves around a little bumb and grabs like a hook!).

    3. Now make sure the Slide-Card has hooked the trap and is well inserted!

    4. Now Slide the Card gently all the way to the LEFT- the tray will close completely. Take out the

    S. Press X on joypad - and you are playing your backup.

    Front Cover Removal

    In order for the Slide-Card to work, you have to re-
    move the front cover of the cd/dvd drive. This can
    be done without having to open the console, as it is
    "clipped" on from the outside!

    Step 1 - Remove Screw

    1. Turn on your PlayStation2 and press the eject button, so that the tray comes out.

    2. Let the tray stay out, and then turn OFF the
    power on the back side of your PlayStation2 (roc-ker switch). Now the console has no power, and the tray is still out.

    3. Turn around the console, and place it on a table with good light source, so you can see what you're doing!

    4. Now remove/unscrew the tiny screw on the back of the tray. You may feel it is stuckk really tight, but use a good screwdriver, and it shouldn't be a problem.

    Step 2 - Remove Cover

    1. Get the smallest screwdriver you can find, or use a pin. The cover is "clipped" on in right and left side of the tray. The clips on the tray holding the cover easily break, so be very careful!. You just have to expand is about 0.5 milimeters in each side at a time, and it comes right off.

    2. When you see/find the clips, put the pin or screwdriver down, and twist a little - while pulling gently in the cover. It comes off!

    Hints: If you do not feel secure about it, then heat up the plastic material a little using a blowdryer so it becomes more flexible. If it should break, it's not the end of the world - a little super glue and you will never know the difference..

    Step 3 - Replace screw

    1. Now it's time to replace the screw you removed. Simply re-install it and you're done!

    2. Now you're ready to use the Slide-Card!

    3. The Front Cover you just removed can be re-attached easily whenever you want!

  3. jamie316

    jamie316 Guest

    Thanks for the reply, I think I've got a good idea as to how this thing works now. I hope you are right about the imports as I am considering buying the US version of Resident Evil Outbreak due to the fact that the UK version is not out 'till September and it's going to be truly crap.
  4. wazup1023

    wazup1023 Member

    Feb 8, 2004
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    well on the website it says that it will be able to play imports so I guess as long as you have the original it should work

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