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Swap Magic Problems

Discussion in 'PS2' started by OhSoIns, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. OhSoIns

    OhSoIns Member

    Jan 11, 2007
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    Hello I have a version 13 slimline psTwo, scph 70001.

    I have tool a, b and c in place properly because the swap magic disc boots up fine. However, there are some problems I am running into.

    The first 2 games i backed were GTA liberty city, and budokai tenkaichi 2. Worked perfect, great loading times. But then, I started backing up more, and some dont work, Backed up Resident evil 4, works perfect. Backed up guilty gear slash, No go, but the original works fine. I gave my disc to my friend (backed up one) it worked fine on his modded ps2, he doesnt use swap magic though.

    Guitar Hero II back-up = NO GO! works fine on my friends modchip, I am using Verbatim discs, its not like its a low quality cheap disc. Now when I go back to GTA and Budokai 2, sometimes it doesnt work, gives not valid disc errors, sometimes it does work and sometimes it lags horribly and freezes at loading screens. I dont know why sometimes they work, sometimes they dont.. and sometimes they lag. Its not my burner cause they work perfect on my friends ps2 eh!

    I am so confused... before GTA worked perfect, played everyday, loaded 100% it loads about 50% now properly. It cant be my laser, its not even a month since i bought the ps2 slim... I dont know wtf is going on!
  2. lilg_06

    lilg_06 Regular member

    Aug 5, 2006
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    It probably isn't your burner, what I recommend though is you flash your burner with the latest firmware, as this corrects issues that the burner may have with the current firmware version.
    The games you are burning work on your friends ps2, because he is using modchip, which doesnt require that you rebuild games, what you need to do, is because your using swap magic, you will need to rebuild the game, here is the info, quoted from "Black_Ice", all credit goes to him.

    [(Note: a Patching and Rebuilding are the same thing, you only need to do one of these to get your back-ups to work. Also note that a patch is an automated Rebuild. Id advice rebuilding manually for the experience, but if you get fustrated theres no harm in getting a patch)

    This guide was created to help even a newbie successfully back up
    PS2 games.

    Before continuing track down these tools, you will need them to

    Hardware Required:

    DVD burner (believe it or not, it has been asked many times if you need one)
    Mod Chip or Swap Magic
    Blank DVD –R
    At least 20 gigs of free space.

    Software required:

    DVD Decrypter
    Iso Buster
    Apache 2

    1) Use DVD Decrypter to extract the iso from your hard-drive.

    2) Create a new folder, Extract all the data in the iso
    into this folder using isobuster.

    3) Open up cddvdgen, you want to create a new DVD
    project, the middle one. Drag over the new file you have created using
    Iso buster, making sure you place them back into the same order as
    they where in iso buster.

    4) When you finish this go to the Volume tab and input
    the follow data. Search though the folder you created with Iso buster
    and locate the File, SLUS or SLES, note down the file name and number,
    in the first box beside name, type the name you found, example (SLES)
    followed by the number, without the period. Example (54322). Fill in
    PLAYSTATION for producer, and the licence area is your area.

    5) Click the record button at the top right and save it
    to your C drive again. Name the file as f4.IML. You'll get 2 errors
    but just hit ok and the recording window will load. If you don't then
    you might be missing the wnaspi32.dll. Nero should have this if you
    need it.

    6) Go to file and export image to C drive (not a folder)
    and name it f4.LST

    7) Open up a dos prompt and go to your desktop, for most
    of you the command will be "cd desktop" remove the quotes. From here
    type "copy /b f4.000 + f4.001 + f4.002 + f4.003 f4.iso" and this
    combines your files. This also assumes you have a file named f4.003,
    if your files only go up to f4.002 don't add "+ f4.003", just put a
    space and f4.iso at the end. From here hit enter.

    7.b) Alternativly you can save some time by using apache
    instead, Open apache 2. Load f4.iml Create .iso

    8) Open up Nero burning rom and create a new UDF/ISO DVD
    (It's the last one in the list). Burn it at 4x speed.

    9) Enjoy your new backed up game…

    If you're game won't boot! Read below

    It would be advised to scan through your folder after you have
    extracted the iso (in step 2) for dummy files.

    Dummy Files:
    Some games have dummy files in them. They are used to increase the
    size of the image and to copy-protect the game. Burning games with the
    dummy files left unchanged will result in a game that does not boot
    (using swap magic anyway). To remedy this annoyance follow these fun

    2) Create a new text file. Open it and press the space
    bar, then close it. This creates a byte of data in the text file.

    3) Rename the text file you made to the exact same name
    as the dummy file in your folder. The dummy file will be called
    something like DUMMY.DAT, DUMMY.000, DUMMY.001 etc, GARBAGE.DAT. These
    files will always be in the main folder of the iso.

    4) Overwrite all those dummy files with the blank ones
    you've created. (Games generally only have 1 dummy file, but some have
    multiple dummy files)

    Patch complete! Burn it at 4x.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the guy please feel
    free to comment, I will be re-writing it soon and adding pictures to
    make it easy to use.

    And if anyone is stuck feel free to ask questions and ill try my best
    to help out

    Created by black_ice ]
    taken from:

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