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Sync problems with DVD games with slide card

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by sajid1201, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. sajid1201

    sajid1201 Guest

    Hi again,
    I can boot DVD foreign and copy games with cdloader from the mem card, using a hi TOC dvd game (FFX),
    BUT I get massive sync problems,
    problems with audio being out of sync on talking scenes in Xenosaga ep1, and dragonball Z: budokai most notable.

    I have a pal PS2 the above are NTSC games, any cure for this problem?>??
  2. 2005

    2005 Regular member

    Jul 30, 2004
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    no.. if you understand what your doing youll see why not

    Inserting a "fake" TOC means that the TOC you are using is for FFX and not for the backup there for the table of contents will be inaccurate which is why it skips.
  3. sly_61019

    sly_61019 Senior member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    what brand media did you use? Did you try a different toc disc?
  4. sajid1201

    sajid1201 Guest

    the DBZ dvd was original USA dvd version
    Xenosaga was kalisto DVD9 to DVD4.5 rip on decent (not the best) DVD+R, mind u xenosaga was perfect on my old messiah chip.
    i noticed CD based games (winning eleven 7) were ok, but there wasnt any RPG style talking sessions in there

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