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TA-082 to 1.5 HELP

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by TheHNIC, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. TheHNIC

    TheHNIC Guest

    i followed these steps up to 6

    1. download the easy installer:

    2. extract archive.

    You will get these files....


    3. format Memory Stick and restore the psp to defualt settings.

    4.run the installer and it will install everything on to your MS including HEND.

    5. When it's done installing Start the psp and go to pictures and load HEND ---> IT MAY NOT load the first time so restart and try again. Make sure you have no UMD inserted when doing this!

    6. Once its loaded (the psp will restart automaticly --> this means it loaded HEND) go to GAME in the XMB and load/start idstoragechange.

    once it restarted there was an error: game could not be started

    wut am i doing wrong?
  2. TheHNIC

    TheHNIC Guest

    and for #5 when it says automatically restart. does that mean the PSP powers off and back on by itself or does it just power off and i have to manually turn back on?
  3. TheHNIC

    TheHNIC Guest

    here's what i did .. (lets skip the installing 2.71_TA-082_-_1.50.exe process .. which i have done already .. )

    i ran the HEND in photo, it turned off, i turned it back on, this still considered as HEND'ed rite ?

    so i went in GAME>Memory stick .. load the idstoragechange .. press X .. auto restart ..

    then went it GAME>"Update X.YX" .. i load it .. went black .. then got back it XMB saying 'Game could not be start' ...

    wut am i doing wrong??

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