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Tekken 4 dvd back-up problem

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by katolee, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. katolee

    katolee Guest

    I successfully backed up Tekken Tag Tournament this way and thought it would work with Tekken 4 (I used Smartprojects ISOBUSTER and extracted every file from CD *tekken tag is cd* and re-burned it at 2.4x *dvd+r*) but when I tried it for TEkken 4 it doesn't work. So I tried Nero, Deepburner, Dvddcrypter, and cdrwin and haven't been succesfull. I even trie re-ripping the dvd (from my burned copy) into an ISO format and tried again with Cdrwin and Dvddcrypter and they still don't work. My ps2 is a slimline (v12) and I got a matrix infinity mod. When I put the back-up in the pstw0 it says "this disc cannot be played"?

    p.s. if releveant i've got a BenQ 16X DVD+/-Rw burner.

    I've also backed up tons of games successfully (not using this method) so I know the chip is working ok.

    Any help would be great
  2. CoorsLite

    CoorsLite Guest

    rip tekken 4 in to a cd r not dvd r maybe it will get the game to work?. my tekken 4 is a cd r and i have to used cd loader to run the game. if you are having a lot of problems just buy it for $20.00 dollers or ill give you a web site that has it for $3.40 cents per a game

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