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The Long Road to working Free HD Loader

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Knox719, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Knox719

    Knox719 Guest

    5 weeks and countless hours later, I finally have the Free HD Loader working on my ps2. Thought I'd share some snags I hit along the way so other people who are new to this type of thing might avoid them. Not claiming to be an expert; rather I'm claiming to be an idiot who didn't know what he was doing, that's why it took me so long.

    1.How to Do It
    Use the guide from jeexlabs.com/hdloader. If you go there now it'll give you a link to access the guide. This will work perfectly if you follow the instructions EXACTLY AS THEY ARE WRITTEN.

    2. Burning the Disc
    I was stuck here for quite awhile. While the guide says that other programs besides Nero will work to burn the CD, my attempts to do so were all unsuccesful. You or someone you know has Nero, get it. I unfortunately didn't know anyone, so I had to uy it. No biggie, I bought Nero Burning Rom 5.xx for like 13 dollars. Follow the instructions on the guide, the disc will work, I swear. Any attempts to burn the disc without all the specified parameters will result in an UN-BOOTABLE DISC. If you need proof send me your address, I can send you the thirty I made.

    3.Booting the Disc
    Using Swap Magic 3.0? Stop trying to use your DVD version of it, it won't work. Stop trying to use your CD version too. Go to swapmagicfix.com and download the CD FIX, follow their instructions and burn this to a CD. You will then boot your CD version of Swap Magic 3.0, swap with your CD FIX CD, and finally swap that with the disc that you made using the guide from jeexlabs. (Thanks to Sly for this step)

    4.Success! (Kind Of)
    Okay, so now you've got your HD loader running, but you still have a problem. Sometimes (most of the time, actually.) when you go to boot up, you get the black screen that runs all the command lines, and when it gets to the line LOADING PS2 HDD, it just freezes. I did two things, and I'm not sure which one fixed the problem, so I'll tell you both. One, the file pack you got (filepackab.rar) contains the file HDLOADERLITE.ELF. Like I said, I'm not sure, but you might have better luck with a different file pack; one that contains the file HDLOADER.ELF. I got it from Sly, you can get it from me. PM me. The other thing was, I was using a Seagate Hard drive. I took it back and swapped it with a Maxtor drive. Somewhere between these two steps, the problem fixed itself. My Free HD Loader boots just fine every time. Again, thanks to Sly for the new file pack and all of his help. Good luck to all of you.
  2. macdaddyt

    macdaddyt Member

    Aug 14, 2004
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    hello, my name is jose and i was woundering if you would be able to help me with getting a copy of the hdloader, thank u

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