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The Magic 2 modchip (Please Help)

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ub2cool4u, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. ub2cool4u

    ub2cool4u Guest

    How is the magic 2 modchip I'm thinking of buying one. The reason I want to buy one is because I had a flip top with swap magic, and I bought a brand new cricket 2002 game for ps2 which is imported and made by ea sports. So boot I up the game and all of the sudden the screen starts to shake and the game is in black and white, and then someone told me you need a patched version of the game. So I looked around and I found a modchip called the magic 2, it said that there is no need for patched ea sports games with the magic 2 and you can play all your imported ps2 and ps1 games without any swapping. What do you guys think will my Cricket 2002 game work if I get the magic 2 modchip?
  2. ub2cool4u

    ub2cool4u Guest

    Please Help me!
  3. tdswanson

    tdswanson Member

    Jun 5, 2003
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    get a messiah instead, I personally had to many problemms with the magic chips..
  4. ub2cool4u

    ub2cool4u Guest

    What are the special features of the messiah, can it play all the imported games including ea sports games without them being patched, and does it recuire swaping? What are the problems that you had with the magic?

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